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Golden Cane Palm
Dypsis lutescens - Areca Palm
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A decorative and very hardy tropical palm with up to a dozen golden coloured trunks but no main trunk that curve out from the base. This is a popular plant with landscapers as they look stunning around pools, patios and is an ideal potted palm in a sunny to partly shaded position free from frost.

The Golden Cane Palm also make a very attractive indoor plant in a warm spot with filtered light.

Size — 140mm
Growth Width — 2.5m
Growth Height — 8m
Light Requirements — Full sun, Indirect sunlight, Part Shade
Soil Requirements — Special potting mix, Well drained soil
More Information
Watering needs Allow the top soil to become dry between watering and do not overwater. Overwatering is the quickest way to kill a Golden Cane Palm, especially if the soil does not drain well.
Pruning Advice Remove spent leaves as required to keep your plant looking its best.