Gooseberry Thornless
Ribes uva-crispa - Gooseberry
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Often mistaken for grapes this popular fruit is grown on a bush rather than the typical cane varieties of other berries. Clusters of large yellow to light green, oval-shaped berries with a veined effect on the skin are quite tart that can be eaten fresh but are usually used to make wonderful jams, jellies and dessert pies.

Growth Width — 1.5m
Growth Height — 1m
Fruiting Period — Summer
Light Requirements — Full sun, Part Shade
Soil Requirements — Well drained soil
More Information
Watering needs

Keep soil moist in warmer months and when it's fruiting don't let it dry out.

Pruning Advice

After harvesting prune the bush back to five leaves on each sideshoot and remove any dead or over crowed branches to 'open up' the plant.