Guzmania Bromeliad
Guzmania species
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Add colour and interest to your garden with this striking perennial. The Guzmania Bromeliad is a spectacular foliage plant that forms a vase shape of long, glossy leaves and white or yellow flowers that are surrounded by colourful bracts that emerge from the centre of the plant. It is ideal for container growing, indoors, or on patios, verandahs and in the garden if there is some protection from frost. Choose a partly shaded, to sunny position outdoors that is protected from frost or well lit spot indoors.

Size — 165mm
Growth Width — .4m
Growth Height — .4m
Flower Colour — Yes
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Planting Advice

Cultivate the soil before planting. Dig a hole that is twice as wide and deep as the container. Remove the plant from the container and place it in the hole, so that the soil level of the plant is the same as the surrounding soil. Fill the hole with soil, tamp down firmly, and water well, even if the soil is moist.

Watering needs

There should be a small pool of water in the centre of the plant. A splash with the hose every so often and again when hot is all it requires.

Pruning Advice

Only prune back the damaged leaves and flower spike once they have dried up.