Kangaroo Paw Bush Fury
Anigozanthos hybrid Bush Furry - Kangaroo Paw Bush Fury
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Size 200mm
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A fantastic Kangaroo Paw that grows sprays of dark crimson paw-shaped velvet flowers that extend a metre tall from the stem. The strappy green foliage is a natural feature, creating a nice structure to mass planting in gardens or planters. It's one of the hardiest varieties so they grow well in all areas where there is good drainage.

  • Flowers and foliage can be used in cut flower arrangements.
Size — 200mm
Colour — Red
Growth Width — 1.5cm
Growth Height — 1.5cm
Drought Tolerant
Frost Sensitive
Flower Colour — Red
Flowering Period — January, August, September, October, November, December
Light Requirements — Full sun
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Planting Advice

Good drainage is essential. If growing in pots only use a native potting mix.

Watering needs

It likes a deep watering if the warmer months of the year are dry, as winter approaches less water is needed. Doesn't like being wet.

Pruning Advice

Remove old flowers and leaves then prune after flowering to keep dense and to shape. Can be done any time in the warmer months of the year.

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