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Kiwi Female
Actinidia deliciosa - kiwi female
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Size 140mm
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Is a rapidly growing deciduous climber with large green leaves that produces a delicious sweet, bright green fruit with a non-edible fuzzy brown exterior. Kiwi fruit don't self-produce, so in order for the plant to fruit both a male and at least one female kiwi plant is necessary. Fruits can be picked when they are firm but just starting to soften. Kiwi fruit need to be peeled to be eaten fresh and are perfect juiced, in fruit salads or as a decoration on desserts.

  • Protect from hot and drying winds and mulch to help retain moisture. 
Size — 140mm
Colour — White
Growth Width — 3m
Growth Height — 3m
Flower Colour — White
Fruiting Period — Autumn
Flowering Period — Summer
Light Requirements — Full sun, Part Shade
Soil Requirements — Well drained soil
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Watering needs

Keep soil moist but not wet.

Pruning Advice

Prune once a year in winter. These vigorous vines should be pruned heavily just like grape vines and be sure to remove any old or damaged wood.

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