Living Trends Cup O Flora Slim Terrarium
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Size 550ml
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Bring living colour into your home with the Living Trends Cup O Flora Slim Terrarium. This round shaped, slim styled glassterrarium comes pre-filled with plants and carefully-curated layers of potting mix, sand and pebbles, making for an eye-catching addition to your home. This self-contained, easy-care piece also makes a fabulous instant gift - no potting required!

  • All Living Trends products are lovingly hand-planted in limited runs - as such, each one is unique
  • Plant selection may differ based on seasonal availability
Size — 550ml
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Planting Advice

Terrariums love plenty of indirect light. The perfect spot is near a window that enjoys indirect light for most of the day. Occassionally give your terrarium a bit of fresh air from an open window.

Watering needs

Terrariums have low water needs. Lightly mist weekly or water fortnightly with just a few drops of water near the roots. Under-watering is better than over-watering, which can lead to rot.

Pruning Advice

Remove old or fallen leaves.

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