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Living Trends Cylinder Glass Terrarium
Living Trends - Cylinder Glass Terrarium
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Size 15cm
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If you've got limited space and want to invigorate your indoor office or parts of your home with some long-lasting plants, terrariums are a wonderful easy-to-care for answer. This cylindrical shaped terrarium will make a stylish statement in your lounge dining room, kitchen, buffet or any other well-lit location at home or work. Each of our personalised glass terrariums are hand-made, and one-of-a-kind, also making them the perfect miniature present, corporate gift or party favour.

Light Requirements — Indirect sunlight
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Planting Advice

Do not place in direct light. Prefers a spot where it can enjoy plenty of indirect sunlight. It's important to let the soil dry in between watering and under-watering is always better than over-watering, which can lead to rot.

If a plant looks diseased or is on its last legs remove it carefully while trying not to disturb the roots of other plants and replace it with a similar plant in size and requirements. Occasionally give your terrarium fresh air from an open window.

Watering needs

Succulent terrariums need minimal watering. Lightly mist weekly or water fortnightly with just a few drops of water near the roots.

Pruning Advice

Keep your plants looking healthy by removing any leggy and tatty, brown or damaged foliage. Cut back any parts of the plant that are touching the glass.

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