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Rubus ursinus x hybrids - Loganberry
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A long cylindrical berry with a fresh purple to red colour and a fabulous slightly tart aromatic flavour. The fruit becomes sweeter when sun-ripened and is delicious eaten fresh or used in preserves, juices, pies and desserts. Ideal for smaller gardens since its rambling habit is best grown against walls or supported along fences. Pick the berries when they're deep red as they're difficult to remove from the vine if not ready.

Growth Width — 1.5m
Growth Height — 1m
Flower Colour — White
Fruiting Period — Summer
Light Requirements — Full sun
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Watering needs

Keep soil moist in warmer months and when it's fruiting don't let it dry out.

Pruning Advice

Loganberries produce best on one-year old canes. Do not prune the bush for the first year after it's planted. In subsequent years as soon as harvesting has finished, cut down the two-year old canes to ground level and tie in the new canes which will have grown during the summer. Prune the new canes back to approximately 20cm/8 inches high.