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Mr Fothergill's Celery Tall Utah
Apium graveolens - Celery Tall Utah
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Grow celery in your garden, and enjoy delicious meals with your very own, home grown produce. Celery Tall Utah seeds produce medium, dark green, stringless stalks with a compact heart. Since 1953, this heirloom variety has a great flavour, it is disease resistant and highly dependable. Plant it in moisture rich, retentive soil that is in a sunny position.

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Planting Advice

Sow Spring through to Autumn 5mm deep in seed trays and keep moist. Transplant to cropping position at 2-4 leaf stage, spacing 25cm apart in blocks. Keep well-watered and fed to aid quick growth. Remove any side shoots forming at base of plant. To harvest, cut blanched celery at ground level. Seedlings appear 7-14 days after sowing.

Watering needs

Keep this plant well watered.