Mr Fothergill's Lettuce Green Mignonette
Lactuca sativa - Lettuce Green Mignonette
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Grow lettuce in your garden, and enjoy delicious meals with your very own, home grown produce. Lettuce Green Mignonette seeds produce an excellent garden variety that can be planted at any time. Its leaves are full of flavour and it has small loose hearts that are surrounded by few outside leaves.

Light Requirements — Full sun, Part Shade
Soil Requirements — Well drained soil
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Planting Advice

Sow a few seeds every 40cm (16”) in rows 12mm (1/2”) deep and 30cm (1”) apart. Thin out to one plant every 40cm (16”). Keep well watered. First harvest will be ready 8-12 weeks from sowing. Leave 4 or 5 centre stalks for quick regrowth. Seedlings emerge 10-14 days.

Watering needs

Keep soil moist.