Mr Fothergill's Pea Sugar Snap
Pisum sativum - Pea Sugar Snap
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Grow snap peas in your garden, and enjoy delicious meals with your very own, home grown produce. Pea Sugar Snap seeds produce a hardy annual with versatile, fleshy pods that can be cooked and served whole, or simply added raw to salads.

Contains: 50g.

Growth Height — 1.5 M
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Planting Advice

Sow 0.5in (1.5cm) deep in a seed bed. Transplant to final growing positions when seedlings are 5-10cm tall, taking care to avoid damage to the roots. Make holes 6in (15cm) deep and 6in apart, allowing 1ft (30cm) between rows. Drop a plant into each hole and water it in. Do NOT firm soil round the plant.

Watering needs

Keep your plant well watered in dry and hot conditions.