Mr Fothergill's Spinach Viking Seed Tape
Spinacia oleracea - Spinach Viking
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Grow spinach in your garden, and enjoy delicious meals with your very own, home grown produce. Spinach Viking Seed Tape produces tasty, dark green leaves, that are packed with vitamins and minerals. This quick maturing spinach is a great alternative to lettuce. Eat these baby leaves fresh in salads and sandwiches.

Contains: 5 Mtrs.

More Information
Planting Advice

Drop seeds 12mm (half-inch) deep direct in final position. Sow 4 or 5 seeds in clumps, later thinning to the two strongest seedlings. Allow 50cm (20in) between rows 40-50cm (16-20in) between clumps. When the young plants have 5 or 6 leaves, pinch out their growing tips to encourage the growth of side shoots. Grow alongside a trellis or fence if space is limited. Keep the plants well watered and prepare the soil well by adding organic material and complete fertiliser.

Watering needs

Keep soil moist.