Planning and preparation are the keys to getting the best results from your new garden. Getting it right the first time is easy when you engage the services of a Garden Designer through Flower Power.

Using a professional when landscaping your garden will avoid costly mistakes and disappointing results.

Even the most avid gardeners get behind, and there is nothing worse than trudging out to do something that used to be a joy, but now feels more like a chore.

Tired of cleaning the clogged gutters around your home? This permanent solution will keep your gutters free of leaves, twigs and debris.

Whether you want to show off your plants, deck, garden bed, patio or balcony, our new professional garden lighting service will give you a beautifully-lit outdoor space, breathing new life into your space after dark.

Update your garden edging with this long-lasting and simple solution. Continuous Concrete Edging will revitalise the entire look of your garden in a snap.

A timber deck is the solution to a range of living space dilemmas – more practical entertaining space, living space, room for the children to play – without the financial or mental headache of renovations.

Thatch huts make a great natural alternative to modern shade structures. Based on techniques thousands of years old, they add a resort style feel to gardens making them idea for shading spas, swimming pools, outdoor dining areas and bbqs.

Reclaim your weekends and say goodbye to the lawn mower, forever!

Your household can easily use thousands of litres of water a week. Installing a rainwater tank will capture water falling on your roof, to be stored and used in a variety of ways.

Keeping your trees well pruned and healthy not only enhances the value of your property, but eliminates potential risks.

Paving and stonework can start to look tired and dirty after a while, particularly in high traffic areas like driveways and courtyards.

Flower Power’s Architectural Shade Cover Service is a market leader in the innovative design of shade structures and carports. The key to these fantastic structures is the cantilevered design that allows for flexible options.