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Roasted, tossed into a salad or transformed into your favourite pasta sauce, there’s nothing quite like fresh tomatoes from your very own garden.

No matter how big or small your garden, with a great selection of tomato plants plus all the products you need to grow top-tier tomatoes – we’re your one-stop tomato shop!


Tomato plants

We’ve raised an assortment of tasty tomatoes ready to be planted straight into your vegie patch or container. With these seedlings and plants you’ll be enjoying your own homegrown tomatoes even sooner.


Plants that produce small tomato fruit


From left to right

Cherry Cocktail Tomato, 100mm pot, $3.99.  This early maturing variety produces large clusters of sweet, bite-sized cocktail fruit.

Cherry Fountain Tomato, 125mm pot, $4.99. Cherry Fountain is a trailing variety that produces an abundance of juicy red fruits from early to mid season. Try growing this tomato plant in a large hanging pot for a gorgeous and tasty display of trailing fruit!

Ladybug Tomato, 6 cell punnet, $6.49. A sweet cherry tomato producing lots of 10-cent piece sized fruit.


Sweetbite-grape-orangepixie-Tan background

From left to right

Sweet Bite Tomato, available in single punnets for $1 or a 100mm pot, $3.99. Smaller than traditional cherry varieties, this early maturing variety produces hundreds of juicy, bite-size fruit.

Grape Tomato, 100mm pot, $3.99. A large plant that produces masses of small fruit perfect for salads.

Orange Pixie Tomato, 100mm pot, $4.99. Small red-orange fruit with a firm texture and strong flavour.


Sugarsnack-tommytoe-tinytim-Tan background

From left to right

Sugar Snack Tomato, 100mm pot, $3.99. A small, cherry-sized fruit with a sweet full flavour.

Tommy Toe Tomato (please check this image is ok), 6 cell punnet, $6.49. This plant produces hundreds of super sweet 50-cent piece sized fruit.

Tiny Tim Tomato, 100mm pot, $4.99. Produces sweet, cherry-sized fruit on a dwarf bush making this plant perfect for pots.


Heartbreaker-corndog-indigo-tan background

From left to right

Heartbreaker Tomato, 140mm pot, $10.99. Grow this in a pot in the garden or a sunny windowsill for heart-shaped fruit.

Corndog Tomato, 140mm pot, $10.99. This tomato plant produces unique yellow fruit shaped like an egg. The compact form of the plant makes it ideal for growing in pots. Wait to the rich yellow colour to develop then pick for the yummiest fruit.

Indigo Ruby Tomato, 140mm pot, $10.99. This gorgeous tomato plant produces aromatic, red plum-shaped fruit with a sweet flavour. The colour of the fruit is thanks to high levels of the antioxidant anthocyanin which your body will thank you for. Grow in a pot, in the garden or a sunny windowsill – anything goes.


Oasis tomatoes 1

From left to right

Oasis Rapunzel Tomato, 125mm pot, $7.99. This trailing variety fruits from early-mid season. Fruit has firm flesh and a well balanced flavour. Naturally Rupunzel looks gorgeous trailing over the side of your raised garden bed or pot.

Oasis Truss Plum Tomato, 125mm pot, $7.99. This tall-growing tomato plant produces lots of plum-shaped fruit with dark red and well-textured flesh.

Oasis Tomatoberry, 125mm pot, $7.99. This tall growing tomato plant produces small, sweet strawberry-shaped fruit on long trusses.


Blushingcharm plus sugargloss

Left: Blushing Charm Tomato, 125mm pot, $4.99. Blushing Charm is an early producing variety with sweet, juicy cherry-sized fruit that turn from green to pink before maturing to a deep crimson pink colour.

Right: Sugar Gloss Tomato, 125mm pot, $4.99. It probably won’t come as a surprise but this variety produces glossy and deliciously sweet fruit. Perfect for salads.


Plants that produce medium and large fruit

Patio-roma-grosselisse tan background

From left to right

Patio Supreme Tomato, 100mm pot, $3.99. This dwarf plant produces medium-sized tomatoes that are excellent for flavourful cooking. Fruit is early to mature and grows on a compact, dwarf bush making it perfect for growing in pots.

Roma Tomato, available in single punnets for $1 or a 100mm pot, $3.99. This Italian variety is great for cooking in sauces (delizioso!) and also in salads or sandwiches. Grow in the vegie patch or in a large container.

Grosse Lisse Tomato, available in single punnets for $1 or a 100mm pot, $3.99. This tomato plant is easy to grow and produces bright red fruit weighing around 150 grams.


Apollo-totem-bigbite-tanbackground V2

From left to right

Apollo Tomato, 100mm pot, $3.99. The tomato plant has superior disease resistance and medium sized red fruit.

Totem Tomato, 100mm pot, $4.99. A delicious truss bush variety with medium sized red fruit, perfect for pots.

Big Bite Tomato, 6 cell punnet, $6.49. This disease-resistant plant grows to about two metres and produces lots of large, bright red fruit.


black krim

From left to right

Health Kick Tomato, 6 cell punnet, $6.49. A delicious plum variety containing 55% more antioxidants.

Black Krim Tomato, 100mm pot, $4.99. An heirloom Russian variety from the 19th century with a full flavoured, slightly flattened fruit.

Oxheart Tomato, 100mm pot, $4.99. Originating in Hungary, this old-fashioned favourite has fine, feathery foliage and heart-shaped pink fruit with meaty flesh. An heirloom variety perfect for sandwiches.


Oasis tomatoes 2

From left to right

Oasis Black Russian Tomato, 100mm, $5.49. This tomato plant produces small to medium sized fruit with unique charcoal flesh.

Oasis Low Acid Yellow Tomato, 100mm, $5.49. This fruit has low acidity levels, begins green and turns yellow when mature.

Oasis Italian Heritage Tomato, 100mm, $5.49. This top seller produces high yields of large ribbed fruit from early in the season. This tall growing variety produces firm and sweet fruit perfect for salads, sandwiches and sauces.


Truss tomatoes tan background

TrussTomato, 125mm pot, $4.99. Truss tomatoes are sweet, juicy and easy to roast. They can be grown in-ground or in a large pot and need a stake to climb.


Tomato growing tip. Plant your tomatoes where they will receive at least six hours of full sun each day.

Tomato seeds

Growing your very own tomatoes from scratch may take more time but it will be especially rewarding!

How to grow tomato plants from seed in 5 steps

  1. Sprinkle your seeds in a growing tray filled with damp quality potting mix (see our suggested mix for tomatoes below). Lightly cover the seeds with more mix and keep moist.
  2. Tomato seeds need warmth to germinate so keep indoors for the first six weeks.
  3. Once your seeds sprout ensure they are in a sunny position as they’ll now need sunlight to grow. Watch that they have enough space – you may need to move them into bigger pots or remove some seedlings to ensure the select few grow big and strong.
  4. When they’re around 7 centimetres tall prepare them for outdoor conditions by moving them into a protected position in filtered sunlight progressively over a ten day period. Start with a few hours the first day and build them up by keeping them outside for longer each day.
  5. Once they’ve hardened off to outdoor conditions they’re ready to be planted in a sunny position in your vegie patch or container.


DT Brown seeds tan background

From left to right

D.T. Brown Grosse Lisse Tomato seeds, now $1.60.

D.T. Brown Red Cherry Tomato seeds, now $1.60.

D.T. Brown San Marzano Tomato seeds, now $1.60.


World kitchen tan background

From left to right

World Kitchen Thai Pink Egg Tomato seeds, $4.35.

World Kitchen Roma VF Tomato seeds, $4.35.

World Kitchen Black Krim Tomato seeds, $4.35.



World kitchen France + Yates seeds 1 Tan backgroundV2

From left to right

World Kitchen Rouge de Mamande Tomato seeds, $4.35.

Yates Tomato Heirloom Favourites seeds, $5.05.

Yates Tomato Grosse Lisse seeds, $3.15.



Yates 2

From left to right

Yates Tomato Small Fry seeds, $5.05.

Yates Tomato Patio seeds, $6.35.

Yates Tomato Roma seeds, $3.15.



Yates 3

Left: Yates Tomato Tommy Toe seeds, $4.00.

Right: Yates Tomato Sweet Bite seeds, $5.05.


Mr Fothergills tomato seeds

From left to right

Mr Fothergill’s Roma VF Tomato seeds, $3.90.

Mr Fothergill’s Oxheart Tomato seeds, $2.95.

Mr Fothergill’s Grosse Lisse Tomato seeds, $2.95.



Left: Mr Fothergill’s Organic Moneymaker Tomato seeds, $4.90.

Right: Mr Fothergill’s Kitchen Garden Tomato Florida Basket, now $3.95.


Tomato growing essentials

Plant, protect and feed your tomato plants with these top choices.


Naturegrow and powerfeed

From left to right

Naturegrow Tomato & Vegie Fertiliser, 500g, now $8.19. This easy to use tomato food will help your plant produce bigger and healthier fruit.

Naturegrow Liquid Fertiliser Tomato & Vegie Food, 500ml, now $4.99.

Powerfeed for Tomatoes & Vegetables, 1l, $13.99. Bursting with liquid fertiliser and soil conditioner goodness, for all tomato plants.



From left to right

Osmocote Plus Organics Vegetable, Tomato & Herb plant food + soil improver, 1.5kg, $15.99. A plant food and soil improver for a healthier and stronger tomato plant.

Yates Tomato & Vegetable Dust, 500g, $10.99. A dusting of this will ensure your tomato plant grows free of pest and disease.

Insect & Fungus Tomato Spray 3-in-1 Control, 750ml, now $8.99. Stay on top of insects, fungus and mites with this handy ready-to-use, three-in-one spray.


Greenworld mix plus upside down bag plus brunnings food

From left to right

Greenworld Organics Tomato & Vegie Mix, 25l bag, $5.99. The perfect tomato potting mix for pots, containers and garden beds, is full of nutrients for bigger, juicier fruit.

Upside-down Tomato & Herb Planter, $13.39. Growing your favourite tomatoes has been turned on its head with this clever upside-down planter, perfect for tiny gardens.

Tomato and Vegetable Plant Food, 2.5kg, now $6.59. This natural fertiliser has been specifically developed to encourage vigorous growth and bigger, juicer tomatoes. Yes please!



Tomato cage, now $10.99. Help your tomato plants grow to great heights with this tough and rot-proof cage.



Show off your homegrown tomatoes in these rustic wine barrels. All styles are available in light and dark brown timber.

From left to right

Oval Wine barrels. Available in Small, $39.99; Medium, $49.99; and Large, $69.99.

Round Wine barrels. Available in Extra Small $22.99, Small, $26.99; Medium, $36.99; Large, $49.99; and Extra Large, $79.99.

Half wine barrels. Available in Small, $29.99; Medium, $39.99; and Large, $49.99.


Visit your local Flower Power to view our full range and for expert tomato growing advice.

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