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Soil Moisture Meter
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Never quite sure whether your plant needs a drink? Sometimes it can be hard to tell - but you need to know, because too much or too little water can be very damaging to your plants! Enter the Gardman Soil Moisture Meter. This simple to use and easy to read guide will help you to achieve optimum watering, by measuring the soil's water content and providing an accurate result in just one minute. It's perfect for indoor and outdoor potted plants and is also ideal for lawns.

  • Simple to use - insert probe into soil with twisting motion, ensuring tip reaches root level; leave for one minute; read dial, then remove and wipe probe clean.
  • Three clear water zones - red means soil is dry, and ideal for cacti and sansevierias; green means soil is damp, which is best for most plants; blue means soil is wet, which is best suited to aquatic and water plants.