22 MacPherson Street, Warriewood
(02) 9997 8244

Open 7 days

8:30am – 5pm


Choose a spot in the ample car park or drive through the landscape area to load bagged mulches and potting mixes straight into the car. You’ll find a selection of pots and our bulk range in this area. Perfect for big purchases, the bulk range allows you to buy soil and mulch by the scoop, loaded straight into a trailer or delivered to your curb by Flower Power staff.

Enter the store to find bagged mixes and fertilisers, indoor plants and pots in a multitude of sizes, shapes and colours and a huge range of homeware, giftware and furniture. There are many different styles to choose from – and with our low prices, you’ll find the price tags a pleasant surprise.

Adjacent to the homeware and furniture you’ll find the Flower Power Aquarium Shop, stocking everything you need for your scaled friends.

Continue through to the nursery and enjoy the sounds of running water from nearby fountains. Browse your way through the shade plants to find a water feature area, packed with ponds, fountains and water bowls that will inspire you to add a water element to your garden.

Look for the little red bridge and you’ve found the koi ponds. These traditional Japanese garden favourites are available in many ages, from little and ‘goldfish-sized’ to the huge koi that live in the established pond. Visit the pet shop staff if you would like to take a koi or three home.

Be inspired to grow your own by the many choices available in the seedling area. Ask a horticulturist to help you select plants that will flourish in your garden from our lovely range of native, exotic, coastal and colourful.

Finally, explore our outdoor pot selection. There’s sure to be something to suit your garden with many different shapes, colours and styles on offer.

Store Features include:

Indoor & Outdoor Nursery, Landscape Centre, Gift & Accessory Shop, Husqvarna Stockist, Furniture Shop, Display Gardens, Sanctuary Cafe, Aquariums & Fish, Children’s Playground, Spacious Car Park, Toilet Facilities and Courtesy Trailer

The Garden Terrace
  (02) 9999 5028
}  8:30am - 4:30pm
The Garden Terrace – where you can taste the freshness and feel the difference. We source free range and hormone free foods wherever possible and prefer to support small Australian producers for our raw ingredients. With the best ingredients we prepare and cook your dishes using traditional methods. Our produce is always fresh, healthy and affordable. Come in and taste the difference.
Husqvarna Stockist
  (02) 9997 8244

We stock a range of high performance Husqvarna machines from chainsaws and power cutters to robotic lawnmowers. These premium Swedish products are designed with you in mind, focusing on ergonomics to ensure you get gardening jobs done well and more comfortably. Need finance? Click here to find out more and apply.