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World Kitchen - Asia - Climbing Spinach Malabar Greens
Basella alba ruba - Climbing Spinach Malabar Greens
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A space saving easy to grow vine which can be grown up a trellis that's native to tropical Asia. It's a vigorous climber with soft stems and succulent dark-green leaves and while regular spinach usually becomes bitter in warm weather, Malabar Spinach thrives in it. Similar in taste to spinach it can be eaten both as a salad green or cooked as a leaf vegetable.

Contains average 10 seeds.

Light Requirements — Indirect sunlight, Part Shade
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Planting Advice

Sow in seed trays filled with quality seed raising mix or direct into growing position. Prefers a sunny sheltered position along a fence or a trellis. Sow seeds 10mm (½in) deep. Firm down and keep moist. Germination may take up to three weeks, but it can be hastened by scuffing the seed with sandpaper prior to sowing. Keep well-watered and feed regularly with liquid fertiliser. Start picking leaves from 10 weeks after sowing.

Watering needs

Keep well-watered.