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World Kitchen - Europe - Radish Jutzrenka
Raphanus sativus - Radish Jutzrenka
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A rose-pink, oval shaped root with a crispy white flesh and a milder, sweet taste and a ‘not too hot’ flavour that other radishes have. It's ideal for sowing between slower growing crops to make the most of remaining space. The flesh is usually eaten raw with a crunchy mild to sweet, slightly peppery flavour. It makes a great addition when sliced thinly to salads, coleslaw and relish trays. It can also be braised, sautéed, mashed, fried and added to noodle dishes.

Contains average 500 seeds.

Soil Requirements — Well drained soil
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Planting Advice

Sow directly into well-prepared soil. Sow thinly 6mm (¼in) deep in rows 20cm (8in) apart. Cover with fine soil, keep moist and feed every two to three weeks with liquid fertiliser. Harvest as needed.

Watering needs

Keep soil moist.