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World Kitchen - The Americas - Stevia Sweetleaf
Stevia rebaudiana - Stevia Sweetleaf
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Stevia leaves have been used for many years by the South Americans to sweeten teas, medicines and as a sweet treat. The leaves are commonly used as a replacement for sugar as they are 30 times sweeter than sugar and are highly nutritious, having over 100 nutrients. They can be eaten fresh, dried, or steeped in water to make a delicious stevia tea. Its non-glycemic index has recently made it popular worldwide as a near-zero calorie alternative to sugar. Use in cooked dishes, desserts or for cake baking.

Contains average 25 seeds.

Frost Sensitive
Light Requirements — Part Shade
Soil Requirements — Well drained soil
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Planting Advice

Thrives in a sunny sheltered position and well-drained soil. Sow 5mm (¼in) deep in seed trays or pots, or directly in the garden after danger of frost has passed. Seedlings emerge within 10 to 14 days. Transplant when large enough to handle, spacing plants 20cm (8in) apart. Keep moist and pinch out the main growing tip to encourage side shoots and bushier plants. Harvest as needed.

Watering needs

Keep soil moist.

Pruning Advice

Pinch out the main growing tip to encourage side shoots and bushier plants.