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Magic Magnolia

  Growing your own herbs is a good way to get started with productive plants and provides flavour at your fingertips for the kitchen. Herbs are easy to grow in a sunny, well-drained bed or container and can be used in many ways in the kitchen. Herbs are readily available for planting as seeds, seedlings […]

Air Plants

It’s hard to get more a more low maintenance plant than air plants. Perfect for gardeners with minimal space or those who love to have some greenery but can’t commit to frequent watering. Botanical name: Tillandsia Growing tips These fascinating plants don’t grow in soil and can be placed around our home or garden as […]

Step 1: Gather your materials You’ll need: 1 glass terrarium Small pebbles Activated charcoal Sphagnum moss Potting soil Your favourite (mini) plants A few rocks or twigs for decoration Step 2: Place the pebbles at the base of your terrarium to help with drainage Step 3: Add a layer of activated charcoal which will help […]