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Plants That Create a Christmas Feel

Traditional Christmas plants are plants that stand out during winter. This may surprise but it reflects the timing of the celebration of Christmas in mid winter in the northern hemisphere when many plants are dormant or bare. Evergreens such as mistletoe, holly (which has red berries in winter), ivy, fir, spruce and yew are all […]

If anyone knows how to best care for cut flowers it’s Joe from Taren Point’s The Flower Guys. After recently winning the Outstanding Florist Award in the 2015 Sutherland Shire Local Business Awards we caught up with Joe to pick up some tips on extending the life of cut flowers. Joe’s top 5 tips on […]

Tackling Mosquitoes in the Garden

Mosquitoes turn time outside into an ordeal. Late afternoon and early evening are peak time for mosquito activity in summer gardens. As many mosquito repellents include plant extracts (for example pyrethrum or citronella) one of the dreams held by many gardeners is to find a plant that will repel mosquitoes naturally. Unfortunately there isn’t one, […]