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How to store your harvest

Colourful Autumn Plants

Pesticides 101

When it looks like there’s something amiss with a garden or indoor plant, most gardeners reach for a cure in the form of a plant spray. But there are lots organisms that affect plant health so there is no one solution fits all. To be able to select the right type chemical to apply to […]

NPK Explained

Pick up almost any bag of fertiliser and the three letters ‘NPK’ will be listed as major ingredients. You may have to think back to high school chemistry to recall that these letters stand for the elements called nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. These are the three major elements needed to fuel basic plant growth. While […]

  Kind people tell you it’s only a mistake if you make it twice. Others say we learn from our mistakes. But even with these words of comfort, it’s better to avoid making mistakes in the first place. 1. Hold the secateurs Pruning at the wrong time of the year, or at the wrong point […]