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Who are Flower Power?

We are Australia’s largest retail garden centre group with 10 locations across Sydney. Offering a huge range of quality plants, gardening accessories, landscape supplies, homewares and furniture, Flower Power offer something for every lover of the home and garden.

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How to grow great garlic

There’s a potato for that

Bird-attracting plants

I am watching wattlebirds, parrots and a flock of silvereyes having fun in my fruit trees. They are feeding on the ripening apples with a lot of flashing wings and bird chatter. All fruit trees and shrubs are bird-attracting plants but these are the very plants we don’t want the birds to find attractive. Luckily […]

Cascade palm

A little bit about the Cascade palm This Mexican native is a hardy and versatile clumping palm, and will be content in your garden or your home.   Botanical name: Chamaedorea atroviren Height 1.5 metres Width: 1.8 metres Ideal position: Cascade palms like a moist, sheltered spot with good drainage. A full sun position is fine, […]

Alexander palm

A little bit about the Alexander palm This hardy, fast-growing native palm is happy as an ornamental plant or in the garden. Its lush green foliage features fronds with a silver under surface that catches the light, especially when the sun is low.   Botanical name: Archontophoenix Alexandere Other names: Alex palm, king palm Height: […]