Hanging Plants

Trailing plants and hanging plants are a beautiful way to introduce colour and plant life to even the tiniest of spaces, inside and out. Trailing and hanging plants in hanging baskets can also free up precious floor space and add depth to your home and garden. From big, bold and flowery to subtle and delicate, dress up your balcony, patio or any room in your home with our great range of trailing and indoor hanging plants.

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Hanging plants

Shop the biggest range of hanging plants in Sydney at Flower Power

Trailing plants and hanging plants are a beautiful way to introduce colour and plant life to every space, even tiny ones, indoors and outdoors. Trailing and hanging plants in hanging baskets can add greenery to balconies, courtyards and rooms without taking up precious floor space, and they add visual depth to your home and garden. 

Our range of trailing and indoor hanging plants includes everything from bold statement pieces to subtle touches of green. Come in-store or explore the range online to find the perfect piece  for your balcony, patio or any room in your home, along with the hanging baskets , soils, fertilisers and advice you need to finish the look. 


The best indoor hanging plants

  • Devil’s ivy is a hardy creeping plant that thrives with little light and water and is tolerant of various temperatures. It grows quickly into a lush trail of greenery.
  • Hoya plants, are tropical, evergreen climbers with thick, waxy, bright green leaves and look amazing in hanging baskets. In spring and summer they can produce clusters of tiny flowers as long as they are getting enough light so position in bright, nut indirect light indoors.
  • String of pearls has become more popular recently thanks to its Instagram-friendly strings of pea-shaped greenery. It is also easy to care for at home. 
  • Boston ferns, with their generous green fronds and preference for moist soil, humid conditions and indirect sunlight, are perfect for hanging in bathrooms. 
  • Peperomia scandens is a very hardy trailing plant that is easy to care for both indoors or in a protected outdoor covered area. It will tolerate low light levels inside and has fleshy, heart shaped light green leaves with white variegation.
  • String of hearts is one of our favourite indoor hanging plants and a pretty addition to any room thanks to its prized heart-shaped leaves and low maintenance needs. 
  • Rhipsalis comes in a variety of interesting shapes and creates a wonderful feature when hung. This easy-to-care-for plant needs little light, and has low water needs too. 

How to hang indoor plants from a ceiling if you're allowed to drill

First, you’ll need to decide what plant and pot you would like hanging from your ceiling, and what kind of hanger you want to use. There are plenty of options in-store and online at Flower Power. 

Decide where you want your plant to hang: preferably in a corner so you don’t walk into it but far enough away from the wall that it hangs freely, and somewhere it will get the right amount of light and air. If you're allowed to drill into the ceiling of your house or apartment and you're wondering how to hang plants from a ceiling, you should go to your nearest hardware store and get a swag hook. If your preferred spot has you drilling into drywall, you’ll also need a spring toggle set that clips into place when it is inserted into the drilled hole. If using a spring toggle, check how much weight it will hold and how heavy your plant is. If you're drilling into studs, you’ll want a swag hook with a screw on the end that you can screw in securely. 

Most hanging baskets  will have a hook already attached at the top, but you can also use extender chains to get your plant to the correct height. 


How to hang plants from a ceiling if you're not allowed to drill

If you're renting or you're not allowed to drill into your ceiling for any other reason, how to hang indoor plants from a ceiling might seem impossible. Don’t give up on your hanging plant dream. There are plenty of other options for how to hang potted plants:

  • Tension rods. These are good for nooks or niches, doorways narrow corridors or anywhere you can get a tension rod up. They can carry a fair amount of weight, but hang more plants with caution.
  • Adhesive hooks. These easy-to-apply and easy-to-remove hooks like the 3M brand ones are the answer to how to hang plants from a ceiling if you have smaller hanging plants. 
  • C-clamps. If you have open doorways, arches or exposed beams you can use a C-clamp to hang plants, just make sure they are hung high enough that you don’t walk into them. 
  • Over door hooks. Like the ones commonly used for towels, you can get ones that extend a fair way out from the door to give the plant room to hang and use them over unused doors. 

Shop the range of trailing and hanging plants in our online store or come in to your nearest Flower Power and learn how to hang potted plants for yourself. 

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