Perhaps more than anything else, cushions and throws can instantly transform your space by injecting equal parts personality and comfort. Whether you’re looking to make a Pinterest-worthy statement with plush indoor cushions, or you need a stack of durable outdoor cushions or bench cushions to complement your outdoor setting, you’ll love our beautiful range. Choose from our wide selection of gorgeous shapes, colours, patterns, textures and fabrics to suit your unique style.

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Find a cushion you love at Flower Power

Cushions are essential home and garden accessories that add both personality and comfort in an instant. Whether you’re looking for durable outdoor cushions or bench cushions to add to your outdoor setting, or some plush and decorative cushions to give your living room a bit of flair, you’ll find the perfect cushion to suit your style at Flower Power. Our range has a huge variety of shapes, colours, patterns, sizes and fabrics, so you’re certain to find what you need. 

How to decorate with cushions

Perfectly chosen and cleverly placed cushions make your sofa, armchair or bed look stylish, extra cosy and inviting. They’re also a super cost-effective way to update your living room and bedroom decor – if your basics are fairly neutral, you can just swap out your cushions anytime you feel like a home decor refresh. 

Here are a few tips for how to decorate a sofa with cushions

Choose decorative cushions in colours and patterns that work with the colour palette you’ve already got in your home. If everything you have is pretty neutral, you can add seasonal pops of colour with decorative cushions, but if you already have a boldly coloured couch or rug, you’ll need to consider them when choosing a cushion. 

That said, if you know your colour matching skills are strong, choose colours and patterns that clash beautifully. Pinks and reds can be great together, as can spots and stripes and florals with everything. 

And don’t be afraid to mix and match textures: velvet, silk, cotton, suede, fringing, canvas, linen – the more the merrier. A good mixture will add depth and make your living room or bedroom look cosier. 

Chop and change the cushions you already have. Simply moving a few cushions between rooms or from one piece of furniture to another will feel like a refresh. 

Having all your cushions the same shape and size can make your room look very regimented and formal. Avoid this by choosing different shapes and sizes to create a cosier and more comfortable look: squares, rectangles and circles in varying sizes will look much more welcoming. 

Get even the most disinterested decorator involved by asking everyone in the house to choose a few cushions they love. This will ensure variety as well as making people feel like they have a say in the living room. Children especially will love this. 

How to decorate with cushions outdoors

Outdoor areas can be hard to decorate, because of the difficult balance of style and practicality. Decorative cushions that are designed for the outdoors are an easy way to add flair practically and inexpensively. 

Use cushions to brighten and add comfort to your outdoor furniture. You can even give older outdoor furniture pieces new life by adding a few seasonal, well placed cushions that will become the focal point of your outdoor setting. Here are a few tips on how to decorate with cushions outside:

Choosing outdoor cushions or bench cushions is a different process than choosing them for inside your house. The purpose of cushions in your living room or bedroom is pulling together all the different elements in a room, but when you’re choosing cushions for your outdoor area there aren’t usually many existing colours and textures, so the purpose of the cushions is to add these elements to your alfresco area. 

You can have a lot of fun with the colours for your outdoor cushions. Choose two or three main colours for your space and work with those, preferably bright, vibrant colours that will set the scene for your outdoor entertaining. Clashing and contrasting colours will work well: try bright blue with warm red, or fuschia with orange and green. 

Then choose a variety of styles of cushion – as with indoors, all the same cushions will look formal, so mix and match shapes and sizes. Try to get three or four different styles in your chosen colour scheme and scatter them around casually to create a welcoming look. 

What is the best fabric for outdoor cushions?

When you’re choosing cushions and bench cushions for outdoors, there are a variety of factors to consider. 

For starters, you’ll need to decide where you’ll be using and storing them. Cushions used in protected outdoor spaces like enclosed balconies or decks, as well as those that will be stored indoors, can be a little less robust. However, those that will be exposed to the elements will need to be crafted to survive rain and sun. 

If you live in an area where you get a lot of rain, your cushions may have different needs than if you lived in an area with lots of high UV sun. 

Some of the best fabric for outdoor cushions are:

  • Polypropylene. A very durable synthetic material that will last very well in the weather, but doesn’t provide a lot of comfort. 
  • Vinyl. It’s hardy and easy to clean, but is unpleasant to use in warmer weather as it can get too hot to touch and very “sweaty”.
  • Canvas. Sometimes called duck cloth, this is very durable but also fairly pleasant to use. It’s also used for tents and workwear clothing. 
  • Cotton. A great option for cushions that will be used in protected areas or stored indoors. It’s comfortable and affordable, but it will go mouldy or fade if left out in the elements. 
  • Solution-dyed acrylic: A synthetic fabric that resists mould and fading quite well thanks to the way the threads are dyed, but is also as comfortable as canvas or cotton. 

Explore our range of indoor cushions, outdoor cushions and bench cushions online or visit us in-store and let our decorating specialists help you choose. 

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