Plant Pots

When it comes to pots, there can never be too many options – which is why, at Flower Power, we’ve carefully curated Sydney’s biggest range for you to choose from. We have a vast selection of Flower Power pots. Whether you’re looking for indoor pots or outdoor plant pots, in large or small sizes, round pots or square troughs, heavy or lightweight, easy-clean plastic, hand-made ceramic, traditional terracotta or even wooden wine barrels, we’ve got the pot for you.

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Where to buy plant pots in Sydney

The right pot is almost as important as the right plant, so here at Flower Power, we’ve carefully curated Sydney’s biggest range for you to choose from. We have a vast selection of Flower Power pots, including indoor pots and outdoor plant pots; in a large or small size; round or square; heavy or lightweight; in an easy-clean plastic, handmade ceramic, rustic terracotta or even a wooden wine barrel. So, no matter your home or garden, we’ve got the pot for you.

The best indoor pots

Whether you’re growing a little row of herbs on your kitchen windowsill or want to spruce up your living room with a big evergreen plant, we’ve got a range of indoor pots for you to choose from. Find the perfect home for your indoor plants from our assortment of sleek ceramic pots, lightweight plastic pots, clever hanging pots, self watering pots and cute gifting pots, all in a range of classic or contemporary styles.

Choosing outdoor plant pots

You can’t always plant directly into a garden, maybe you’re renting or your space doesn’t allow for it. In those situations, outdoor pots are the perfect solution. Whether you want small trees, flowering favourites, an extensive edible garden or climbing plants, the right outdoor plant pots highlight their appeal, add extra depth to your garden and make them portable for a change in season or location. Flower Power pots offer a range of stylish options in plastic, concrete, terracotta, glazed and even repurposed wine barrels – come in-store and find your favourite today. 

How to pot a plant

Whether you’ve just brought a new plant home from Flower Power in its plastic nursery tub or you’ve had it for a while and it’s starting to get too big for its existing pot, you may want to consider repotting your plant. Repotting gives your plants more room to grow, fresh soil with more nutrients to feed them, as well as giving you the chance to try out a new style of pot. 

Here is how to pot a plant successfully:

  • Water your plant thoroughly a day or so before repotting.
  • Gently remove the plant from its pot. You may be able to just grasp firmly at the roots and pull, but you may have to turn the pot upside down, or run a knife around the inside of the pot to loosen the roots. If it’s large or heavy, you may need two people to do this. 
  • If re-using the same pot, dump out old soil and brush loosely to clean. 
  • If you're using a new pot, choose one no more than 20 per cent larger in diameter than the old one. Too much space slows growth. 
  • Preferably choose a pot with good drainage, but if it does not have a hole, add pebbles in the bottom to let water drain away from the roots or insert a plastic pot with holes inside the decorative planter so you can remove for watering.
  • Add a few centimetres of fresh potting mix to the base and carefully lower your plant in. Fill in all space with fresh potting mix and tamp down gently so it is firm. Water lightly.

How to make plant pots unique

If you’re feeling crafty, come in and stock up on plain terracotta Flower Power pots and get creative. With just a few basics – paint, glitter, glue, fabric – you can personalise pots to fit your decorating scheme. Do it yourself, or let the kids get messy and design their own.

Here a few ideas of how to make plant pots:

  • Paint them your favourite colour. You can add spots, stripes, hearts, zig zags… Whatever you like!
  • Dip your pots in glue or paint shapes or words on in glue, then roll them in glitter. Instant garden glitz.
  • Paint the names of the plants on the side in a pretty handwriting. This is especially useful for herbs when you want to add them to your cooking.

How to store plastic plant pots

If you often find yourself in Flower Power buying more plants, you may discover you have quite a collection of plastic plant pots. Don’t throw them away! You can use them for propagating or splitting your existing plants to give to friends, smaller ones can be used for seed germination and you can submerge them in ponds for water plants or soil to contain plants that run wild, like mint.

However, how to store plastic plant pots isn’t as simple as just throwing them in a cupboard. You’ll need to give them a good clean in between plants to avoid transferring pests, dormant seeds and diseases between plants.  

Start by emptying your container. Remove the dead vegetation and if that plant that was in the pot didn’t have any diseases, you can compost it along with the potting mix. Don’t reuse the potting mix as it won’t have enough nutrients for a new plant. Give the pot a quick scrub with warm soapy water to kill any bugs or fungus, then let them dry completely before storing them. 

You can store plastic plant pots outside, but ceramic and terracotta should be stored indoors if possible. 

Come into Flower Power today and find indoor and outdoor pots you’ll love, or check out our full range online.

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