Chairs And Benches

Carefully curating your outdoor furniture is key to making sure you create an outdoor space that flows beautifully, but is also practical. That’s why we have a wonderful range of chairs and garden benches that you can handpick. Available in a variety of styles and finishes, from timeless timber to tough aluminium, these individual pieces will help you make the most of your space, whether you’re working with a balcony, verandah, patio or garden.

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Outdoor chairs and benches at Flower Power

Carefully curating your outdoor furniture is key to making sure you create an outdoor space that looks as good as it is practical. Our wonderful range of outdoor chairs and outdoor bench seats lets you handpick your seating options to work perfectly for any outdoor space and purpose. Don’t worry about where to buy outdoor benches, chairs and stools – just come to Flower Power to check out our range. 

With a huge variety of different styles, finishes and settings, you’re sure to find the right outdoor bench chair, armchair, dining chair, stool or recliner for your needs. Pair them with dining tables, side tables, coffee tables and loungers or keep them as standalone pieces to make the most of your space, whether that’s a balcony, courtyard, patio or garden. 

Choosing the best bench chair for your garden or courtyard

A big part of making the most of your outdoor area is choosing the perfect furniture for the space. For example, smaller spaces call for lightweight furniture to create a sense of space, so look for outdoor chairs made from cane, mesh or fine iron, or anything with lattice work instead of solid panels. A bench chair will likely make better use of smaller spaces than individual seats. Larger areas can handle heavier pieces in timber, iron and thicker cane, and will suit outside chairs with solid backs and arms, or even larger chairs like recliners or rocking chairs that will let you get super comfortable.

If your outdoor space gets a lot of wind, you’ll want chairs made out of iron or solid timber so it doesn’t get blown around by a big gust. If you get a lot of rain, you might be better with treated iron or plastic to withstand that. Timber and fabric are likely to fade in areas that get intense sun. 

If you can, match your chairs to the rest of your furniture. We sell complete sets of dining and lounging furniture, but if you prefer to mix and match yourself, look for the same materials and colours to stick to a theme. Cane, rattan and wicker work well together, and similar coloured timbers can pair well, but avoid having more than two different materials, as the final effect will be messy and confused.   

Where to buy outdoor chair cushions

Most of our garden chairs and outdoor bench seats come fitted with cushions already, but if the chairs you want don’t already have cushions, or you want to get outdoor chair cushions in different fabrics, we have a large range of cushions and chair pads available. 

How to clean outdoor fabric chairs

As you know many of our outdoor dining chairs come with cushions to make them more comfortable and add colour to your garden setting. These cushions are durable and hard wearing, designed for outdoor life, but they will still benefit from cleaning occasionally. 

Luckily, this is easy enough to do. They can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth and a little soap, or you can remove the covers and put them through the washing machine on the handwash cycle. 

The rest of the chair can be cleaned with soapy water and a soft brush, and timber should be oiled every six months or so to protect it. 

How to keep spiders off outdoor chairs

There’s nothing less enjoyable than settling in for a relaxing evening and spotting a spider making a home in your outdoor furniture. Even the harmless ones put many people on edge, and there are plenty of them lurking in gardens in Sydney. But how can you keep spiders away from your outdoor furniture?

First, reduce the number of places they can hide by keeping your outdoor space clear of anything that doesn’t need to be out there. Tools, toys, shoes and rubbish all provide places for spiders to hide. 

Trim vegetation around your outdoor furniture. If spiders are a real problem for you, you may want to consider removing all large shrubs and potted plants.

Brush, vacuum or hose down your outdoor bench seats, table, chairs and walls regularly, to remove webs and discourage spiders from returning. Remove cushions from your chairs and knock them together too. 

Some garden lovers swear by using strong scents to repel spiders and other bugs. Mix peppermint essential oil with water in a spray bottle and spritz your chairs and table liberally before use. 

Where to buy outdoor benches, chairs and loungers

Flower Power, of course! Our huge range of outdoor dining and lounging furniture includes plenty of seating options, with everything from recliners to stools in a wide variety of materials. Explore the full selection online or come in-store to see for yourself. And don’t forget to take advantage of our Sydney-wide delivery service, so you can sit back and put your feet up while we bring your new outdoor chairs to you. 

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