Outdoor Umbrellas

We all love the benefits of spending time in the sun’s rays, but you never want to overdo it. If you love outdoor entertaining, maximise your time in the sun (without getting burnt to a crisp) with our fantastic range of versatile outdoor umbrellas. Paired with your outdoor furniture, you can enjoy countless hours of safe fun in the sun, whether it’s a poolside party or some quiet me time.

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Find the best outdoor umbrella at Flower Power

Here in Australia, we all enjoy a bit of quality fun in the sun, but we’re all too aware of the risks that come with overdoing it. If you love entertaining, relaxing or even snoozing alfresco, you’ll know just how important a good outdoor umbrella is. Maximise your time in the sun without sacrificing your skin with a patio umbrella and outdoor umbrella base from our fantastic range. 

Paired with our great outdoor furniture, you’ll be able to enjoy long hours in the sun, whether it’s a party or some quiet alone time with a book. Don’t forget to slip, slop and slap as well, for maximum sun safety!

Outdoor umbrella stand ideas

There are plenty of instructables online about how to make an outdoor umbrella stand, all promising ease, inexpensiveness or attractiveness. But they all involved pouring concrete, which is difficult and messy, or buying large plant pots, which is expensive, or using plastic tubs, which isn’t very pretty. 

Truth be told, to find the right midway point between ease, a reasonable price and good looks, you’re better off coming into Flower Power to buy an outdoor umbrella stand from our range of outdoor furniture and accessories.

They’re designed to fit our umbrellas, as well as any outdoor umbrella you might already have, are heavy enough to withstand strong gusts of wind but are easy to move as you need. Plus, as far as outdoor umbrella stands go, they’re not bad looking!

How to close an outdoor umbrella

There are three main styles of patio umbrella – the push button, collar and crank – all with different styles of opening and closing. While outdoor umbrellas are large and seem unwieldy to wrange, they’re designed to be easy to use – the trick is knowing how:

The push-button style relies on a button to release the locking mechanism, either opening the umbrella or allowing you to pull it closed. 

The collar style will allow you to push the “collar” of the umbrella up the pole until it locks in the open position. To close it, push in the little latch holding the collar up until it can slip back down the pole. 

The crank style relies on a handle to crank the shade part up and down, much like a Hill’s Hoist. 

How to tilt an outdoor umbrella

You can get a variety of different styles of outdoor umbrella, but the convenience of a tilt-function umbrella makes it one of the most popular. It provides a versatile option for an outdoor space where an umbrella can’t be moved or if there is limited space. 

The way you tilt a patio umbrella to give you the maximum shade will depend again on the style. A collar tilt style works by turning mechanics around the pole that tilts the canopy, like a drunken Hill’s Hoist. A push button style works by pressing a button to loosen the canopy so you can adjust it manually. 

The downside of a tilting umbrella is that any extra mechanics or moving parts increase the risk of jamming or breakage. You also run the risk of getting little fingers trapped in moving parts.  

To add an outdoor umbrella and outdoor umbrella base to your garden or courtyard, check out our range online or visit us in-store at one of our 10 convenient Sydney locations.

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