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Show off your cherished happy snaps with our beautiful collection of picture frames. On trend macramé makes for a gorgeous addition to any room. Whether you’re entertaining a few close friends or a crowd, we have servingware, including ceramics, bowls and plates to make entertaining a breeze. Our range of vases will ensure you get the best out of your bunches, plus check out our delightful range of ornaments.

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Explore the Flower Power range of home decor online and in-store

No home decorating is complete without those little extras that add the finishing touch to your rooms. Once you’ve chosen your furniture, wall decorating and floor coverings, you’ll need to choose home accessories for the final flourish.

Vases for cut flowers, picture frames for your cherished memories, beautiful servingware, hanging ornaments, Christmas decorations, placemats, serving trays, display bowls…. At Flower Power, you’ll find all the little home accessories you need to add the perfect finishing touches to your home. 

With these extra home accessories, the possibilities for your own home decor ideas are limitless – there are countless combinations and styles that you could create, and you’ll find everything you need at Flower Power. Explore our range of pieces for home decor online or come in-store and let our helpful decorating professionals help you pick out pieces you’ll love. 

What is home decor?

Home decor is the process of finding the right designs, themes and furnishings to make any space in your home look great and feel inviting. But what is home decor to you? It’s different for everyone – you can use home decor to create different styles for each room depending on how you intend to use them; a calming feeling for the bedroom with lighter colours, a cosy feel for the living room with a ceramic vase full of fresh flowers, a contemporary vibe for the dining room with modern furniture… It’s totally up to you how you want your spaces to feel, and how to create that feeling yourself. 

Start big, by choosing the right colours for the walls and furniture you love. From there, you can add wall decor, plants in gorgeous pots or baskets, and floor coverings. The finishing touch is created with home accessories: a flower vase or two, picture frames, ornaments, tableware, display pieces. These little extras will help to add your personality to the rooms of your home. 

The best home accessories to add personality to your home

  • A flower vase. Choose something simple to let your fresh blooms shine, or a more statement piece that will look fabulous even when it’s empty. 
  • A picture frame. Your happy snaps will stand out when they’re inside a gorgeous frame. Nothing adds personality like your precious memories!
  • Ornaments. Smaller ornaments are a great way to chop and change your style depending on your mood. Christmas decorations especially are the perfect way to add seasonal flair to a room. 
  • Servingware. Trays, plates and bowls literally set the scene for a fabulous dinner party or luxurious long lunch by adding style to even the simplest of meals. 
  • Table runners and placemats. Keep your table looking gorgeous, even when not in use, while also protecting it from hot plates. 

Why do we decorate our homes?

For many of us, how our home looks – both to us and to other people – is important. A good looking home is something we can be proud of, something we want to invite other people into. 

The way we decorate our home is a way to express our taste and personality, making it comfortable for us, and inviting to others. 

It gives us a feeling of control, to be able to decide what our homes will look like and how they will feel. Whether you like a sleek minimalism or a colourful, cluttered style, bringing a sense of our ideal of beauty into our homes is a satisfying feeling. 

And when we have a home that we’re proud of, it’s great to be able to share it with other people. If you love having guests for an evening, overnight or a week, you’ll want to make sure that they’re as comfortable and happy in your home as you are – so decorate in a way that you’re proud of with luxury homewares and comfortable furnishings. 

Whether your idea of luxury is a ceramic vase bursting with fresh blooms or a large monochromatic print on a wall or even a generous amount of cushions, as long as it makes you happy, it’s perfect for your home. 

Where to buy home accessories

Whether you’re looking to give your home a total overhaul, or just wanting to add a few seasonal updates, you’ll find everything you need here at Flower Power. 

Our expert buyers travel the whole world looking for the best and most up-to-date homewares. The result is a range of on-trend and classic pieces, including furniture, cushions, candles, lanterns, baskets and wall décor, as well as all the home accessories you could need. Find your perfect flower vase, picture frame, ornament, table runner or servingware in our range of home decor online or come into one of our 10 convenient Sydney locations

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