Sun Lounges

Fall in love with the great outdoors all over again with the ultimate piece of luxury outdoor furniture – a sunlounge. Whether you want to add the finishing touch to your existing pool furniture collection or create a space to put your feet up and soak up vitamin D in true comfort, discover the ultimate in luxurious lounging with our impressive range of sunlounges. All that’s left to do is relax.

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Fun in the sun with sun loungers from Flower Power

An outdoor sun lounge is the ultimate piece of luxury outdoor furniture, designed for reclining by the pool, drink in hand while ideally, a faithful servant fans you with a large palm leaf. Think oversized sunglasses, Hollywood starlets, the French Riviera….

If you’re looking for the ultra chic finishing touch for your pool area or garden, somewhere you can soak up that vitamin D in maximum comfort and utter style, check out our range of pool sun loungers. Browse the range online, or visit us in-store to see them for yourself. 

Don’t forget that you can take advantage of our Sydney-wide delivery service – relaxation starts here. 

Outdoor seating area ideas sun loungers 

There are a variety of options for seating around a pool, all with different benefits. You can choose just one, or mix and match for variety. Here are a few outdoor seating area ideas like sunloungers:

  • Outdoor armchairs with waterproof cushioned seats – these are good because you can repurpose them for your dining setting.
  • Waterproof beanbags – a great option if you have kids or kidults. They’re also easy to move around to follow the sun, and they’re great to flop into.
  • Deck chairs – these simple wooden frames with canvas stretched over them are classic beach or pool seating. You can sit directly upright or lie back in them.
  • Sun loungers – also called recliners, these are the ultimate for luxurious relaxation. They can be propped up or reclined all the way back. When you picture poolside afternoons, you probably picture stretching out on one of these. 

What is a sun lounger?

An outdoor sun lounge is essential garden furniture for the sun seeker. Whether you’re setting yours on a large balcony, in the garden or beside a pool, you’ll feel utterly relaxed stretched out on one or in the semi-reclined position having a drink.

There are two main styles you can choose from:

Flat sun loungers let you stretch out completely, great for napping or lying on your tummy. These almost always have a function that lets you prop the top third of the recliner up to chat, read, eat and drink. 

Alternatively, you can get S-shaped recliners that have you in a natural curved position all the time. These are comfortable, but don’t allow you to recline fully.

What makes a good pool chair?

  • Look for an outdoor sun lounge made of weather resistant materials, such as wicker, timber or plastic, with cushions made of materials and fabric that will stand up to sun, rain and chlorine. You can always remove cushions to store them, but you’ll be using them in high sun weather and probably dripping chlorine or salt on them. It helps if you can tie the cushions to the loungers in case the wind picks up suddenly.
  • The recline function makes a sun lounger much more versatile – sit up for cocktails and chatting, lie back a little to read, lie completely flat to tan your back or have a snooze. 
  • It’s nice to match the style of your pool sun loungers to your existing garden or poolside furniture. Choose the same construction materials and, if possible, have cushions covered in the same fabric.  
  • Wheels will make a sun lounger much more portable, so you can move it to chase the sun at the end of the day, or wheel it under shelter to protect it while not in use. Sun loungers that fold up are also good for storing during the off season.

What accessories do you need for a pool lounger?

  • A recliner cover is useful to have to protect your sun lounger when not in use from UV rays and rain. It will increase the longevity of your lounger and keep it looking good for longer.
  • Cushions or a lounger mattress are essential – if yours doesn’t already have cushions, make sure you pick some up immediately to get the most out of your pool lounger. 
  • A side table to put drinks, snacks and books on. If you can get one made of the same materials as your lounger and the rest of your poolside furniture, so much the better!
  • Sun protection. No, we’re not talking sunscreen, but you should get that too. A large, standalone umbrella will provide shade and look chic while preventing sunburn. Get one with canvas in a colour that complements the rest of your decorating scheme.

So if you’re ready to live the Hollywood poolside experience in your own backyard, check out our range of pool sun loungers online, or visit us in-store at one of our 10 convenient Sydney locations to find out what makes a good pool chair. Don’t forget, we offer delivery in the Sydney metro area so you don’t even have to leave the house to create your dream luxury escape.

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