Outdoor Hanging Chairs

Your outdoor space should be your sanctuary. If you want to create a space you love, why not take outdoor relaxation to new heights with a hanging chair. An outdoor hanging chair or outdoor egg chair creates a special getaway spot, a cocoon of comfort where you can curl up and sip your favourite drink or take five and enjoy an outdoor snooze. If you’re looking to squeeze maximum outdoor enjoyment from a small apartment balcony or courtyard, a hanging chair is the perfect outdoor furniture solution.
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Find the best hanging chair for your home and garden
Take relaxation to new heights and give new meaning to the phrase “hanging out” with your very own hanging chair, for the ultimate chill experience. 

An outdoor hanging chair, also called an outdoor egg chair, is the most relaxing way to sit back with a book, a drink, or just a little snooze in your very own cocoon of comfort. Make the most of compact alfresco spaces such as balconies or courtyards with an outdoor hanging chair that lets you float away. 

Plus, with self-contained hanging designs, you’re not limited to the great outdoors, and can also set up your hanging chair in a lounge room or a bedroom, for boho chic and relaxation. 

Where to buy hanging chairs? Flower Power, of course! Explore our range of stylish and well designed hanging chairs online or come in-store and hang out in one yourself. 

How to hang a swing chair outdoors

If you are lucky enough to have a large backyard with a big strong tree, or a verandah with sturdy beams, you’ll be able to install a swing or outdoor egg chair directly into your outdoor space. You can do this by drilling directly into the support, or by looping the chains around the beam or branches.

However, if you’re like most of us in the Sydney region and your space is limited, you’re more likely to be constrained by a small courtyard or balcony without big trees or generous beams. No problems! Our outdoor eggs chairs are designed with a built in base, in such a way that it stands alone and your body weight only makes them more secure. 

Just attach the chair part to the frame part and install the padding for comfort and you’re ready to go. How to hang a swing chair outdoors has never been easier!

How to hang a swing chair in a bedroom

Installing a hanging chair in a bedroom is even more difficult. If you live in an apartment or duplex, if you rent, or if your bedroom has a suspended ceiling, you’ll have trouble hanging a swing chair from the ceiling or doorframe. 

Luckily, again, our outdoor egg chair range is extremely versatile and can easily be brought inside to create your very own secure and comfortable cocoon. Best of all, hanging one of our egg chairs in your bedroom or living room won’t cause any marks or damage to your home, so you can move it around as you please, and won’t need to do any repairs when you move out. 

How to hang a swing chair in a bedroom has never been easier: just tuck the frame into a corner, attach the swing chair and the padding, and add some blankets and books for the most relaxing way to while away an afternoon at home. 

Our chairs are stylish enough to live indoors or out, yet designed in a neutral way that merges easily with any design style. 

How to make an outdoor hanging chair your own

Once you’ve correctly set up your Flower Power outdoor hanging chair, you might want to add some personality. Here are a few ideas for how to make an outdoor hanging chair feel uniquely yours!

Train a creeping plant to climb it, to give it a romantic secret-garden feel. Choose a mature plant or a faster growing species to give yourself a head start and let the Insta-likes start rolling in. 

Add outdoor cushions and blankets. Look for fabrics that are waterproof and fade resistant, unless you’re willing to bring them in when you’re not using them. And get crazy with colours. Our outdoor egg chair frames come in neutral materials, so you can create your own colour schemes. Choose dreamy pastels for a relaxing cocoon, or bold shades to make a statement. 

Install extra features. With a clever application of cable ties and a wide but shallow plastic cup, you can build in a drink holder. Or hang some solar powered lights from the top so you can keep reading in the evening. Or even clip a solar powered charger to the side to keep phones and speakers going for hours. The possibilities are endless!

Indoor hanging chair ideas

The principles of personalising your indoor hanging chair are the same as the outdoor hanging chair, but with a few adjustments. 

Instead of creeping plants, wind ribbons or fairy lights around the structure of your egg chair. It looks just as dreamy, but without the maintenance.

Add whatever cushions and blankets you like. Since they don’t have to be weather resistant, you can opt for soft, fluffy blankets and cushions and snuggle in. 

Since you can plug in to the wall when you’re indoors, you don’t need to use solar powered lights and chargers. And instead of clipping a drink holder to the side of your hanging chair, you might prefer a small side table at just the right height for your drinks. 

Where to buy hanging chairs

Here at Flower Power, we have a great range of stand alone hanging chairs that you can use indoors or out. Explore our range online, or come in-store to one of our 10 convenient Sydney locations. Plus, take advantage of delivery in the Sydney metro area for the most relaxing experience ever. 

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