Feature Plant Pots

From creating an elegant, grand entrance or nailing that formal garden look to adding a focal point that’ll turn your favourite feature pot plants into the heroes of your garden, there’s nothing quite like feature pots and urns to give your outdoor space wow factor. Whether you’re after classic or contemporary, lightweight or sturdy, at Flower Power you’ll find a great selection of feature pots and urns for your garden.

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Make a statement with large garden pots

Whether you want to create an elegant, grand entrance, nail a formal garden design or to add a focal point that’ll turn your favourite feature pot plants into the heroes of your garden, there’s nothing quite like feature pots and large garden urns to give your outdoor space a wow factor.

Either pair your gorgeous statement large garden pots with equally bold standout trees, or let your urn planters be the main event, with a mass of succulents or groundcover plants. Whether you’re after classic or contemporary, lightweight or sturdy, whitewashed or brightly coloured, at Flower Power you’ll find the best selection of large garden urns and outdoor pots in Sydney – perfect for your outdoor space.

Extra large pots for trees, shrubs or flowers

Large garden pots with striking plants make a wonderful feature in any garden, courtyard or balcony. They can be the centrepiece of an outdoor space, add a welcoming touch to your front door, and even produce fruit for you to enjoy. 

What to plant in an urn planter is limited only by the climate and your imagination but there are a few basic principles to adhere to – thriller, filler or spiller.

Plants can easily get lost and look dwarfed in a large pot, so it’s important to choose plants that will either balance their pot or let the pot be the clear feature. There are three different ways to approach this.

Go for something bold – the thriller approach to planting extra large pots for outdoor plants. Either one tall and dramatic plant or a group of them, such as a small tree, an evergreen tropical plant like a bird of paradise, oversized grasses, weighty palms or large, dense shrubs. Go for evergreen species so you aren’t left with an empty pot in winter, and pick a flowering variety for seasonal bonus points. If a pot is wide as well as tall, you can plant low-lying ground cover plants around the base so it doesn’t feel stark.

Fill ’er up. Just add lots of plants, of either all the same kind or of a variety (just make sure they have the same growing needs) to create a feeling of abundance. You can even use low-growing groundcover plants, but this works best with wider, shallower pots. 

Let it spill. Tall pots benefit from a creeper plant crawling down the pot to break up the expanse of pot beneath the main plant or plants. Just make sure the creeper isn’t one that will strangle any other plants in your pot.

Some examples of what to plant in outdoor pots in Sydney:

  • Dwarf fruit trees or citrus trees. You can have one single tree as a feature or plant trees in several large garden urns and transform your courtyard into a miniature orchard.
  • Flowering favourites. Urn planters look utterly charming when overflowing with bright blooms. Plant all one colour, or create a rainbow in a garden pot.
  • Shrubs. Again, you can have one as a feature piece, or use many to create shade and privacy. If you have tall urn planters, balance them with tall or wide shrubs, as little ones can look out of place by comparison. 
  • Water plants. If you’ve always wanted a water feature in your garden, this is the perfect way to do it. Fill extra large garden urns with water, then plant water lilies and rushes in it. This has the bonus of attracting birds and good bugs who want to cool down in summer.
  • Succulents or groundcover plants. Plant a wild mixture of different succulents and groundcover plants for an easy to maintain garden feature that lets a brightly coloured glazed urn, or one with a bold shape, be the feature piece. Go for different heights and textures, and have some spilling over the edges if possible. 

How to use extra large pots for outdoor plants

The first thing you have to do is carefully consider and position large garden pots where they will live. Once filled with soil, they are too heavy to move easily! 

To plant a single tree in the middle, put a base layer of potting mix in the pot so that when you put the tree in on top, it sits at the right height. Backfill with more potting mix and press it down firmly, then water thoroughly. If the tree needs a stake, add this before you backfill to avoid damaging the roots.  

If you’re planting flowers or herbs with shallow root systems, you can fill the base of urn planters with a light filler, such as clean, empty milk bottles, leftover packing peanuts, empty soft drink bottles or cans, or upside down plastic nursery tubs – don’t use rocks! This makes it lighter and also uses less potting mix. It helps to lay a sheet of mesh or landscaping fabric over that, so the potting mix doesn’t filter down too much. Then just add potting mix to take it up almost to the desired height before adding the plants or seeds according to the instructions on the packet. 

You don’t need to repot with fresh potting mix every few years like you would with smaller pots – thank goodness! Instead, just remove a top layer of the old soil and dig a time release fertiliser in then top with fresh potting mix. 

Where to buy outdoor pots in Sydney

Here at Flower Power, we have the most extensive range of bold, elegant and statement-making extra large garden pots and urns. Explore our selection online or come in-store and see for yourself. 

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