Wall Decor

Looking for just the right piece of wall décor for your home and garden? From wall art to canvas prints, mirrors to clocks, our delightful range of wall décor is a chance to express yourself both inside and outside your home. Whether you want to complement your existing décor, transform a dull, blank wall or create an attention-grabbing focal point, let our metal wall art and wall décor collection bring your space to life.

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How to choose the right wall art for your home

If you’ve got a blank space on a wall in your home or garden, you’re probably looking for just the right piece of wall decor with which to fill it. At Flower Power, we’ve got just what you need. With everything from wall art to canvas prints and mirrors to clocks, our delightful range of wall decor is a chance to express yourself both inside and outside your home. 

Whether you want to complement your existing décor, transform a dull, blank wall or create an attention-grabbing focal point, let our metal wall art and wall decor collection bring your space to life.

How to decorate room walls

Here are a few ways to decorate the walls inside your home with decor and extras you can pick up at Flower Power.

  • Choose large-scale art. One large piece of wall art can be a very effective way to liven up a room – especially a smaller room where you want to keep things simple. Use it to add a splash of colour with something vibrant, or go monochromatic for a chic finish. 
  • Create a gallery wall. If you’re feeling a bit more creative, why not turn your room into your own private gallery. You can choose wall decor with a variety of textures, colours and shapes for a bold and interesting style, or you can have a more regimented effect by choosing pieces in the same shape, colour palette and style. 
  • Add texture. Hang tapestries, fabric or woven art to add texture and depth to a room. This is especially good for bedrooms or living rooms, where you want to add a sense of softness and cosiness. Or go for metal wall art, for the same textural effect with a more contemporary feel.
  • Hang mirrors. Mirrors reflect light, helping a small space to feel bigger and brighter. Plus, if you choose a mirror with a fabulous frame, it also doubles as art in its own right. Try hanging an oversized mirror to fill a whole wall, or display several smaller mirrors like a gallery of your own face.
  • Create a green wall. We love plants, and we’ll add them to any surface we can. Hanging plants or wall mounted pots are a great way to breathe life into a space. 
  • Use your wall for storage. Mount a row of our wall hooks and use them to hang attractive hats or bags or coats. Practical and good looking!
  • Tell the time. A large statement clock is a great way to liven up a bare wall, while also keeping you on time. 

How to decorate exterior walls

The principles for how to decorate your exterior walls are essentially the same as how to decorate room walls – after all, why shouldn’t your outdoor space look as good as your indoor space?

Some things to consider though:

  • Durability. Outdoor art will be exposed to the elements in a way that indoor wall decor won’t be. So, for example, if you’re looking for texture, you might want to consider metal wall art rather than woven art.
  • Green is best. Outdoor spaces are even better for living wall decor than indoors. Use hanging plants, green walls and climbing plants to brighten up courtyards, balconies and verandahs. 
  • Colour choices. Most people find they can go bolder with their colour choices for outdoor spaces than indoor, especially in smaller houses. So when deciding how to decorate exterior walls, you can let your colour flag fly!

How to put art prints on wall

Especially if you’re renting, hanging art can be a fraught exercise. But it needn’t be a stressful experience, just follow these simple tips and your walls (and landlord) will thank you. 

  • Put holes in the wall – carefully. If you aren’t sure how to put art prints on a wall without a nail, then you can go ahead and do it or seek approval from your landlord if renting. You’ll need to be prepared with spack filler and the exact shade of paint the walls are painted in order to repair the holes invisibly before you move out. 
  • Use temporary hooks. All renters are familiar with the 3M range of temporary adhesive hooks. They’re lifesavers for those of us who love to hang wall decor but don’t want to get involved with repairs at the end of a tenancy. 
  • Just lean art. It sounds strange, but it is absolutely acceptable (and even on-trend) to just lean your framed art prints or canvas art against a wall. This works best on a shelf or side table, but larger pieces will work just fine placed on a floor where they won’t be in the way. 

So if you’re ready to breathe new life into your walls – whether that’s indoors or outdoors – come into Flower Power and explore our wonderful range of wall art, textile hangings, clocks, mirrors, hooks, hanging plants and more. Or check out the range online and take advantage of delivery within the Sydney area.

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