Synthetic Turf Installation

Synthetic Turf Installation

Reclaim your weekends and say goodbye to the lawn mower, forever!

Suitable for areas with

High Traffic

Children and pets tend to wear real grass down and it struggles to recover, leaving ugly patchy spots. Synthetic grass will continue to look as good as they day it is installed in high traffic areas.

Low Light

You will never achieve a thick and lush lawn in low light areas, such as under trees and courtyards bordered by buildings. Get the look and feel you're after with Synthetic instead.

Low Maintenance

With no mowing, watering, feeding, topdressing or reseeding to do, synthetic turf is ideal for those with limited time or capacity to care for a traditional lawn.

Limited Space

In small spaces the maintenance involved with keeping a lawn sometimes doesn't feel worth it. A synthetic turf still gives you a lush green look without the awkwardness of mowing small areas.

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