Vertical Garden Pots

When room on the ground is at a premium, the only way is up. Save your precious ground space and aim high with a vertical garden or vertical pots, filled with your favourite plants. From edibles to flowering plants, you can grow almost any plant vertically. Plus vertical gardens and pots make harvesting and maintaining your plants a lot easier. Whether you have a blank wall, fence or a tiny balcony, enjoy all the benefits of greenery without compromising on space.

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Create your own vertical garden at Flower Power

When space is at a premium but your plant obsession shows no sign of relaxing, the only way is up. Save your precious ground space and plant yourself a vertical garden filled with your favourite plants. 

Whether you prefer edibles or flowering plants, you can grow almost any plant vertically. Plus a vertical garden makes harvesting and maintaining your plants a lot easier. Make the most of your blank wall, fence or a tiny balcony with vertical garden planters and enjoy all the benefits of greenery without compromising on space.

What is vertical vegetable gardening?

Vertical vegetable gardening is pretty much just what it sounds like. Instead of spreading your edible garden out horizontally, you build it upwards. You can buy hangers and pots ready to go or you can build your own or just take advantage of existing trellises and fences. Some of the most popular vertical garden systems are hanging pot plants positioned along fence or balcony rungs. 

Vertical garden planters are becoming increasingly popular because as a society, we’re simultaneously becoming more aware of the health benefits and pleasures of growing our own food, while also living increasingly urban, space-poor lives. 

The beauty of a vertical garden is that it can go up anywhere – an apartment wall, a sunny window, a courtyard, a balcony – and it doesn’t take up much more room than the existing vertical space. In this way, you can have fresh homegrown herbs and vegetables without sacrificing your already limited floorspace. 

Some of the best edible plants for your vertical garden are:

  • Strawberries. Their hanging fruit is pretty much designed for vertical planting – they’ll look sweet and taste delicious. 
  • Mint. It grows well in part shade, so even if your space doesn’t get full sun it can grow. Plus it smells great and is versatile for cooking. 
  • Lettuce. These plants have shallow roots which makes them perfect for vertical gardens that get partial shade. Rocket is another alternative. 
  • Parsley. This hardly little herb doesn’t need much room and grows well in varying levels of sun.
  • Basil. This delicious herb will grow bushy and strong in full sun, and is a great addition to any meal.
  • Cherry tomatoes. If your vertical garden pots get full sun, cherry tomatoes will be a delight to grow. They’re a great option to grow up a trellis, as you can just tie them up as they grow. 
  • Nasturtiums. These little edible flowers add a pop of colour to your greenery, but are also a punchy addition to salads, desserts and drinks. 

How to make a vertical garden

As mentioned above, you can buy vertical garden planters that are ready to go, or you can DIY one. At Flower Power, we sell vertical garden pots and walls together and as separate elements for you to mix and match. That’s the easiest way to go about it, certainly, but if you’re feeling creative, there are other ways to approach how to make a vertical garden – and we’ve got pretty much everything you need here at Flower Power. 

  • Hanging baskets. By their very nature, hanging baskets are already vertical gardens, but you can maximise your space by hanging several in a vertical chain. Whether you want flowering favourites or edibles, this is an easy and attractive way to do it. Explore our range of hanging baskets to get started.
  • Trellis. This is as easy as leaning a trellis up against an outside wall and cable tying small plastic nursery pots along it in rows. Smaller is better, as you don’t want to overload your trellis or your cable ties. If you like, you can paint your nursery pots and trellis to make it more attractive. To grow tomatoes, you can plant in the ground or in a larger pot at the base of your trellis and stake them up as it grows. We’ve got the trellis and the plant pots, you only need to bring your creativity.
  • Floating shelves. Or a bookshelf, or kitchen shelves. Essentially anything you can stack plant pots on up the wall. For bonus points, choose shelves with a lip on them so you can fill them with potting mix and plant directly into the shelves.
  • Suction cups. Secure suction cups to small plastic pots and suction them onto windows or tiles. This is a great way to take advantage of sunlight too!
  • Pallet gardens. Lean a large pallet, like the ones you see in warehouses, up against a wall and fill the spaces between the slats with potting mix and plants. The different sections allow you to easily separate different plants. 

How to grow a vertical garden

Whether you decide to go with a kit or DIY your green wall, you’ll need to stop in at Flower Power. We’ve got everything you need, from vertical garden pots to potting mix and plenty of plants, as well as advice on how to make a vertical garden and keep your plants happy. Visit us in-store or check out the range online today.

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