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Our sense of smell is one of our most powerful – so it’s only right that you treat yours to the most delightful home fragrances, courtesy of our beautiful range of candles, diffusers, hand creams and hand washes. Whether you’re drawn to a scent that’s spicy and warm, floral and sweet or clean and crisp, you’ll find everything to fill your home with decadent fragrance, with our own range plus Australia’s top brands including Glasshouse Fragrances, Ecoya and more.

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Scented candles, reed diffusers and more: how to fragrance your home

Is there anything more welcoming than a gorgeously scented home? The right fragrance can finish a room perfectly, and our range of beautiful candles, diffusers, hand creams and hand washes will help you create the right mood.

Whether you want your home to be warm and spicy, sweet and floral or crisp and clean, you’ll find everything you need to give your space that olfactory lift. Our range includes popular luxury brands such as Ecoya and Glasshouse, as well as our own home brand. Explore the selection online or visit us in-store to smell them for yourself.

How to fragrance your home

There are two main ways to approach fragrancing your home – within those, of course, there are countless ways to approach it, but there are two main schools of thought.

Choose just one scent for the house. If you know exactly what you like and you just want to run with it, that’s super easy. Choose, for example, a sweet and spicy scent palette and layer that throughout the house with candles, a reed diffuser, soap, hand lotion and a room spray. You might go heavier in some rooms and lighter in others, but essentially the same fragrance will follow you throughout the house. 
Create a new fragrance for each room. You may want a floral fragrance when guests enter the house, with a warm, spicy scent in the living room, something fresher in the bathroom and a citrus in the kitchen. It helps to have a few common notes between the rooms, to link the house together – something like vanilla or jasmine will go well with most fragrance palettes. 

What are the best home fragrance products?

The most obvious option for fragrancing your home is with scented candles. For maximum impact, go for options with high scent throw, which essentially means how strong they smell and how much they can fill a room. You can usually tell which candles will have high scent throw by seeing how strong they smell when unlit.

But you also have to think beyond scented candles, especially if you have kids or pets running around or if you’re likely to forget to blow them out. Another great way to add fragrance to your home is with a reed diffuser. These are jars or vials of liquid fragrance with thin reeds in them that diffuse the scent up and throughout the room. They are great for all-day fragrance in many of the same luxurious scents as your favourite candles, and look great sitting on a shelf. 

Another alternative to scented candles is a linen spray or room spray. These are especially good for misting a room after a strong-smelling meal or just before guests arrive.

One room that everyone wants to make sure smells good is the bathroom. Use a candle or reed diffuser in here, but you can also layer it with a scented hand wash and hand lotion. Guests will feel ultra pampered when they use your bathroom and leave with soft hands and a trail of fragrance. A room spray will also work well here, and help guests to feel more comfortable about using your facilities. 

Can you put home fragrance oil in a diffuser?

Yes! If your reed diffuser has run out, there’s no reason you can’t refill it with fragrance oil or essential oils. 

Many people prefer to use essential oils, which are the naturally occurring oils found in different parts of plants. They are difficult to extract, and are therefore more expensive to buy, but they also have health benefits – such as lavender and its calming effects. 

Fragrance oils, on the other hand, are artificially created fragrances with artificial ingredients. They can mimic a natural scent, such as lavender, or a mood, like “summer rain”. They are much cheaper to produce and therefore buy, but they don’t offer the same health benefits as essential oils. 

If you’re wondering can you put home fragrance oil in a diffuser, use this recipe:

  • Half a cup of water and a tablespoon of vodka (to help the water and oil mix) OR half a cup of carrier oil such as grapeseed oil
  • 15 – 40 drops of your favourite essential oil or combination of essential oils, or fragrance oils

If you’re using a different fragrance than the one that originally came with the diffuser, you’ll need to wash the bottle out carefully and replace the reeds. You can buy replacement reeds, or at a pinch you can use bamboo skewers.

For more information about how to fragrance your home and what are the best home fragrance products, and to choose home fragrances you love, come into one of our convenient Sydney locations or explore our range of home fragrances online.

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