Flowering Plants

Welcome to the wonderful world of flowering plants! Flowering plants in your garden can lure birds, butterflies, bees and other good bugs, spice things up with pops of colour or create a living bouquet that you can snip and show off in a vase. From annuals to perennials, new varieties to old faithfuls, blooms that can stand the heat or love the cold, Aussie natives to exotic beauties, we have the flowers of your gardening dreams.

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Hydrangea, lavender and other flowering favourites

Flowering plants are an easy way to brighten up your garden, courtyard, balcony or living room with pops of colour and greenery. They also encourage and support bees, which in turn helps more flowers grow. And of course, it means you always have flowers on hand to create beautiful bouquets to give as gifts or keep for yourself.

We have all the flowers online and in-store that you could possibly want, from eye-catching blooms like hydrangea to fragrant flowers such as lavender, as well as the pots, potting mix and fertiliser you need to create the garden of your dreams.


What are easy flowers to grow?

Especially if you're new to gardening, you’ll want to choose easy flowers to grow in your garden or pots for maximum effect with minimum effort. 

These are a few of our picks for easy flowers to grow in summer or year round:

  • Gardenias have beautiful, fragrant white flowers in summer and evergreen foliage the rest of the year, making it a perfect all-year-round garden staple. They live happily in pots in sunny spots and will make your garden smell gorgeous.
  • Bougainvilleas are hardy climbing plants that bloom year round in any kind of soil. Dwarf varieties are easy to grow in small pots or compact gardens.
  • Agapanthus are low maintenance but are great for adding pops of colour along fence lines with their bursts of buds on long stalks.
  • Zinnias are great flowering plants for summer and are in bloom from late spring to early winter, making them one of the longer-lasting options for your garden. They prefer lots of sun and come in a variety of different sizes and colours.
  • Hydrangeas have huge heads of blooms and large leaves, which makes them wonderful feature plants, either in large pots or bushes in gardens. They grow best in morning sunlight and afternoon shade
  • Lavender flowers all year in most conditions. It naturally grows in a neat bush and smells amazing. Plus it lasts forever and requires very little care. 
  • Crepe myrtle trees bloom pink, purple and mauve flowers in summer and show off beautiful trunks when they lose foliage in autumn, so they are a good choice if you want colourful shade in summer and sunshine in winter.

Flowers that grow in shade

If your garden or courtyard has a shady spot that could do with brightening up, look to the range of flowers that grow in shade. These flowering plants will grow well without lots of sunlight, so you can even get them growing in an apartment garden. 

  • New Guinea impatiens grow well in shaded soil and produce brightly coloured flowers. Just protect them from frost and keep them well watered.
  • Hydrangeas love dappled sun, as long as their soil is moist and well drained. 
  • Gardenias are happy in part shade, though they also tolerate full sun. And, as mentioned above, their fragrance is a delight in summer.
  • Mona lavender flowers from late summer to autumn in full or part shade in moist soil and has beautiful purple flowers.
  • Another must-have plant for shade is the hellebore. Hellebores not only flower in shadier parts of the garden, they also bloom from late autumn to early spring when other plants are dormant.
  • Many species of begonia grow well in the shade and produce long-lasting colourful flowers.
  • Peace lilies are one of the few plants that can flower without direct sunlight, though it does still need some light. It is beautiful and hardy with its dramatic long stalks and white flowers.
  • Native violet is a good option for damp, boggy soil as it actually prefers cool, moist conditions. It flowers most of the year and can be used in areas that are too shaded to grow grass well. 

What is the best way to grow flowers?

If you want to grow your own flowering plants in gardens or pots, look at our options for flowers online or come into Flower Power and let one of our expert horticulturalists talk you through the best options for you. They can talk you through which species are easy flowers to grow, flowers that grow in shade or in sun, what flowering plants can be grown in pots or gardens and the best way to grow flowers. 

Once you have chosen the flowering plants you want for your garden, you can decide whether you want to grow your own from seeds or plant already developed flowers. The Flower Power experts will also be able to advise on the correct type of soil or potting mix, what fertilisers you need and the best time of year to start planting. 

Explore our huge range of flowers online, or come in-store today to start planning your beautiful colourful garden. 

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