Every home needs an outdoor entertaining area – somewhere to eat, chat and relax with company while you enjoy the fresh air. Whether yours is a balcony, courtyard or garden, Flower Power has a huge range of stylish and durable outdoor furniture to suit. Find the best furniture online from our great range. Even better – if you’re in the Sydney metro area, our friendly drivers can deliver it to your door within a week. How’s that for convenience?
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Find the best indoor and outdoor furniture at Flower Power

Every home needs an outdoor entertaining area – somewhere to eat, chat and relax with company while you enjoy the fresh air. Whether yours is a balcony, courtyard or garden, Flower Power has a huge range of stylish and durable outdoor furniture to suit every size or style of outdoor space. 

Alongside our great outdoor furniture range, you’ll also discover indoor furniture you’ll love, including coffee tables, end tables and consoles

Plus, you can browse the range online and take advantage of our delivery service, so you don’t even have to leave home to create a home you’ll love.

Outdoor furniture ideas to consider

If you’re ready to start designing your perfect outdoor space, there are a few things you need to consider when choosing your outdoor setting.

Firstly, how much will you actually use each piece? While you might be tempted by a romantic looking four poster daybed, if it’s a trade off between that and a four-person outdoor setting that you would use all the time, you may want to reconsider. 

How easy is it to clean and care for? Unless it’s under cover and fairly sheltered, it’s going to be exposed to mould, bird droppings, dust, leaves, dirt… If you can’t get it looking spiffy with a fairly quick wipe, it’s probably not ideal. And remember that timber furniture will need to be oiled every six months or so to protect it and stop it from turning grey.

Is it water-resistant? Most outdoor furniture will be water-resistant– do check that wood has been treated properly – but make sure that cushions are made with water-resistant foam and covered with a material that will repel water, or they’ll develop mould pretty quickly. Alternatively, you could consider keeping soft furnishings in storage where they won’t get wet. 

Is wind a problem? If you live somewhere the wind gets fierce, you’ll want to make sure your furniture is weighty enough to withstand it and not get blown around or even away. Look for iron, solid timber or even stone to make sure it stays put, or consider moving it to a protected area when not in use. 

Garden and deck furniture ideas

Great outdoor dining furniture makes your outdoor spaces more functional and comfortable, but also offers you the chance to add your own personality into your outdoor areas. 

Your outdoor furniture should create the perfect balance of relaxation and style – your personal haven where you can retreat with a good book or a group of friends. With the right outdoor setting, this will be one of the most used areas in your house in the warmer months. 

Start your quest for outdoor living perfection by thinking about how you will use the space most. Will you be hosting outdoor dining parties for 10? Will you have children all over it? Are you more of a cocktails at sunset person? Do you want somewhere cosy to read? Make a list of all the elements your outdoor space needs and use that as a guide for what furniture you’ll need and what pieces will be multi purpose. Make sure to measure your space while you’re at it so you know what you can fit without crowding the space. 

Think about the colour you want to use. Outdoor spaces are a great place to use bolder colours you perhaps don’t think you can get away with inside. If your outdoor furniture ideas are all about colour, choose investment pieces in natural materials or neutral tones like timber, rattan, black and white. Then add cushions, bench cushions, umbrellas, canvas and smaller pieces of furniture in colours you love. This means that when you’re ready for an overhaul or a seasonal update, you can just replace the smaller, cheaper elements of your outdoor setting, ensuring you get maximum longevity from your furniture.

Consider adding an outdoor rug to your space. This creates a sense of boho chic as well as extra luxuriousness underfoot. There are many rugs on the market now that can withstand the elements if left outside for some time. 

Wherever possible, try to choose outdoor furniture that serves more than one purpose. This will maximise your space, as well as save you money. Look for bench seating with hidden storage, ottomans that serve as extra seating, and side tables that can be moved to wherever they’re needed most. 

Always, always choose quality. Your outdoor dining furniture will be exposed to wind, rain, sun and more, and poor quality outdoor settings will be destroyed and need to be replaced very quickly. On the other hand, great quality will cost more upfront but will be an investment into something that will serve you well for years to come. 

Where can I buy outdoor furniture?

If you’re ready to give your garden, courtyard, patio or balcony a fresh new look, you’re probably asking yourself, “But where can I buy outdoor furniture?” The answer is Flower Power! We’re about more than just plants and flowers – we sell everything you need to make your outdoor space your favourite part of your home

See the full selection of outdoor furniture online or visit us in-store at of our 10 convenient Sydney locations today. 

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