Plant Baskets

Add style to your home and showcase your favourite indoor plants with our delightful range of woven, hand-made baskets and pot plant bags. Stylish and practical, baskets and pot plant bags are not only a great way to store greenery, they’re also ideal for keeping toys, cushions and other loose items neat and tidy. Our range of pot plant bags are lined with plastic, so all you have to do is pop in your favourite plant.

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Fabric pots and cane storage baskets: stylish storage solutions

Add style to your home and showcase your favourite indoor plants with our delightful range of fabric pots, storage baskets and plant baskets. 

Stylish and practical wicker and cane storage baskets and plant bag pots are not only a great way to store greenery, they’re also ideal for keeping toys, cushions and other loose items neat and tidy. 

Choose a woven plant basket or a trendy plant bag for the most versatile option for indoor planting and room organisation with Instagram-worthy style.

How to decorate your room with baskets

Baskets are extremely versatile and provide useful storage options, but increasingly we’re appreciating their aesthetic value and using them as functional decorations as well. They’re an inexpensive way to jazz up your home, while also reducing the clutter strewn across the floor. Here are a few ways to use storage baskets to decorate your home.

Pick a material that matches the rest of your decor and use them as storage that you’re proud to have on display. We like cane storage baskets for their neutral appeal, but there are plenty of other options from chic wire baskets to woven flax. Pop loose cushions and throws for the couch in them, stash kid’s toys or even hide shoes at the front door.
Pop plants in them for an easy, stylish pot plant. Cane storage baskets create a boho look, while metal wire baskets have more modern appeal. Hanging baskets bring plants to eye level for a bit of variety. 
Organise your bathroom with wire baskets – avoid cane and wicker as they can get mouldy in damp environments. Spare towels, beauty products and toilet paper rolls all look nicer in a chic basket.
Maximise storage by putting large baskets above wardrobes or on high shelves to easily store and access out of season clothes and bedding. 
Add your own flair to plain baskets by weaving ribbons through, gluing on pom poms or spray painting them fun colours.
Use cane storage baskets in children’s bedrooms and play rooms as a durable storage solution. It’s so easy for children to toss toys and books into a basket that they’ll be doing their own tidying up in no time – without resorting to ugly plastic tubs.

How to plant indoor plants in baskets

The great thing about how to plant indoor plants in baskets is that it’s the easiest gardening you’ll ever do. Simply place your plant in its nursery pot into the basket, preferably on a small tray or plate to catch any drips. That’s it, you’re done. 

Using a basket plant pot for your plants hides unattractive but practical plastic pots with woven style, lending an instant boho aesthetic to your living space. They’re easy to move and rearrange, and they can’t be broken by nearby children or pets. 

They’re also incredibly forgiving; you can choose a plant basket with a larger diameter than your plants needs so that when it needs more space, you can just repot the plant into a slightly larger cheap plastic pot you already have at home. 

To water, just remove the plant from the basket and drench over a sink or outdoors, then allow to drain fully.  

Are fabric pots good for plants?

We think so! As long as you keep your plant in its original plastic nursery pot inside. If the boho basket plant pot look isn’t what you’re after, look to our range of plant bags. These leather-look bags add an industrial vibe to your living space, with all the same ease of the plant baskets. Chic, easy and oh-so versatile, these trendy pieces will work equally well in living rooms, bathrooms and office spaces. 

Do fabric pots need drainage holes?

If you’re using a piece from our stylish plant bag pot range, you’ll need to use them the same way as a plant basket. Just pop your plastic plant pot inside the bag, scrunch and arrange as you like and enjoy the stylish effect. 

To water your plant, take the whole pot out and water it over a sink or outside to let it drain completely before putting it back into the plant bag pot. 

Where to buy baskets and pot bags near me?

Flower Power, of course! If you’re ready to give your home a totally new style with baskets and plant pot bags, check out our extensive range online or come in-store to one of our 10 convenient Sydney locations for advice on how to decorate your room with baskets.

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