Pot Stands

So you’ve picked the perfect pot for that perfect pot plant and you’re ready to display it proudly. But have you considered pot stands, pot feet or pot saucers? These extras are the icing on the cake, ensuring your pot and plant look their best. Plus, they’ll help protect your floors from staining. More importantly, they allow for good drainage, which is key to a healthy, happy plant and we all know good gardening is about catering to your plants’ needs.

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Find your perfect pot stand at Flower Power

Perfect plant? Check. Perfect pot? Check. Perfect pot stand? You’re in the right place. Pot stands, pot feet and pot sauces are the perfect finishing touch to your plant display, and they also help protect your floors from scratches and water damage, and help your plant to drain properly and stay happy.

Explore our range today and find your perfect pot stand, pot feet or saucer at Flower Power. 

Do plant pots need saucers?

If you’re growing your plants indoors and you’re using a pot with drainage holes, we’re going to say yes – your pot plants do need saucers. It’s super important that your plants drain properly so your pots need to have a drainage hole at the bottom for water to escape. However, when the water drains, you don’t want it going all over your floors! This is where the saucer comes in – it will catch the excess water and stop it from spilling. It is also relevant to potted plants on your pavers or balcony tiles. Saucers can protect all surfaces from constant moisture. 

You can also use a plastic pot inside a decorative planter (with no drainage holes) as long as you can easily remove the plastic potted plant to water outside and let drain freely before bringing indoors again. 

As another alternative to pots with drainage holes, you can add pebbles to the bottom of your pot, before adding the potting mix, but only for plants that don’t mind being constantly slightly moist. 

The other important thing to consider is: do plant pots need saucers that match? Many of our plant pots come with matching saucers, but some do not, so you’ll need to get creative. 

Choose a saucer in a complementary colour. It’s okay if it’s a bit wild as long as the colours look good together and suit other colours in your room. 
Pick a neutral-coloured saucer. Grey is usually a good option, but also look to white and black. 

Do pot plants dry out faster without saucers?

Yes, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Allowing pot plants to drain freely means that your potting mix and plant roots won’t sit in water and stay soggy. The biggest killer of indoor plants is actually over watering, so unless you’re really neglectful with watering, it’s best that they are allowed to dry out to varying degrees in between waterings. 

Should I keep water in saucer pots?

If your saucer is full of water, it usually means the plant’s roots are also sitting in water – a big no-no for houseplants. Just because you have a saucer, it doesn’t mean you can water your plants with wild abandon – you’ll need to be aware of how much water you’re giving them.

You can take smaller plants to the sink to water them and let them drain there, so the saucer is just catching the last few drops. But for larger plants you’ll just need to observe how much water drains into the saucer and moderate your watering from there. 

As a general rule, the soil should feel dry to the touch before you water again. You can also get a moisture meter for more accurate results. 

Why use a plant stand indoor?

The main reason to use a plant stand indoor is that it looks great and adds flair to your plant set up. It quite literally elevates your plant collection. If you have a group of plants, raising one up on a tall plant stand helps to add depth and interest to the arrangement. They can bring a plant level with other items in the room, such as couch arms, to create symmetry, or they can break up a static room.

A tall plant stand may give you more options for displaying plants –– for example, it gives you the option to place a plant behind a couch or chair if there’s nowhere else in the room it would work. It can also help create an illusion of space, by leaving your floor space clear.

Our range offers a huge assortment of styles and colours to suit any aesthetic, whether you want a planter on legs, or a frame to hold an attractive existing pot. We have options in natural woods, chic gold, industrial concrete or minimalist wire, and you can choose a tall plant stand or something short and squat. Many of our ranges have an assortment of sizes, so you can coordinate your plants’ style, while breaking it up with different heights. 

We also have a range of plinths that are perfect for creating drama and interest in your garden or courtyard. Raise plants up on these concrete-look stands that will work perfectly for any garden style. 

Whether you’re looking for a fabulous pot stand or a matching plant saucer, you’ll find something perfect for your home in our online store or in-store at one of our 10 convenient Sydney locations

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