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Want to be everyone’s favourite person? Keep it real with unique living gifts from Flower Power - from tiny green worlds in the form of hand-made terrariums to elegant potted orchids. For the forgetful gardener in your life, tough, forgiving succulents are perfect. As for the person who has everything, surprise them with a hanging plant or blow them away by creating your own plant arrangements, thanks to our huge range of plants and pots.

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Living gifts

Shop planters, terrariums and other plant gifts

Become a pro gift giver with unique Living Trends living gifts from Flower Power – from miniature gardens in the form of hand-made terrariums to elegant potted orchids or even dwarf trees in beautiful planters, the range of options for plant lovers are endless at Flower Power. 

The forgetful gardener in your life will appreciate, tough, forgiving succulents in cute little pots, the friend who has just moved house will love an attractive hanging house plant, and everyone will love getting potted plants that will long outlast a bouquet. Our Living Trends gifts have been created lovingly with popular plants and beautiful pots and baskets so are ready-to-gift and be enjoyed by the recipient for years to come. Wondering why give plants as gifts or how to wrap a house plant gift? Read on!


Why give plants as gifts?

Whether you’re bringing a potted ficus as a housewarming gift or a miniature succulent as a thoughtful birthday present, there are plenty of reasons why plants make the best gifts:

  • They’re unique. Boxes of chocolates and service-station bouquets are so passe. Choose a living plant for something different and more thoughtful. For bonus points, choose something you know they’ll love from our range of pots and planters and pot it for them (or choose one of Flower Power’s ready-to-gift options in stylish pots). 
  • They go with everything. Plants work well with essentially any decorating scheme, so the recipient will be happy to have them on display. No more regifting here!
  • They actually improve mental and physical health. Giving the gift of better health? You’re such a good friend. 
  • They’re sustainable. Plant gifts are good for the environment and less wasteful than a novelty plastic gift that will go straight into landfill – the earth will thank you as much as the recipient!
  • They’re the gift that just keeps giving! Plants can last for years if cared for properly, and will serve as a constant reminder of your excellent gift giving skills. 

How to water gift plants

Many popular gift plants, such as cacti or terrariums, require very little watering or care, making them ideal low-pressure gifts. When gifting plants that require care, make sure the recipient has the time and inclination to look after it, or they may soon find themselves with a dead plant. 

It’s important to make sure a gift plant arrives healthy and well-watered, but not actually dripping as that can rain on the parade, so to speak. If it’s a plant that requires watering, give it a drink the day before and let it totally drain. Make sure it’s completely finished draining then dry the pot thoroughly before you wrap it. If it looks thirsty before you take it to its new home, mist it gently so it doesn’t leak all over the wrapping paper or your friend.


How to wrap a house plant gift

Most plants do not tolerate being completely wrapped in paper, as they tend to get squished when you’re taping the edges down. Low lying, sturdy cacti will probably survive if you’re set on wrapping, but anything else won’t enjoy it. 

Instead, place the pot in the centre of a large square of paper, about three times the width of the height of the pot. Draw the corners of the paper up and tightly around the pot, then tape the folds neatly together to hold the paper’s shape. You can also pop a few small pieces of tape on the inside of the paper to secure it to the pot. Tie a wide bit of ribbon around the pot in a bow, adding a little extra tape to hold. 

If you’re in a hurry, you can skip the paper and just use a bow, especially if the pot is already decorative enough, like the ones in our range of Living Trend plant gifts.

Shop our range of plant gifts online or come in-store to pick up a thoughtful yet easy present today.

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