The warm and inviting flicker of a candle will elevate your home and garden to a whole new level of ambience – particularly when paired with a stylish candlestick, lantern or candle holder. Aside from setting the right mood, lanterns & candle holders also offer a stylish finishing touch. Not sure what to put on that stack of books or outdoor table? Treat them to a pair of candlesticks! Discover a great collection for indoors and outdoors at Flower Power.

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Candle holders and candle lanterns at Flower Power

There’s something magical about the flickering of candles; they set the mood, add a gentle light and make any space feel inviting. Even when not lit, they can be an attractive piece of decor for both inside and outside. Plus, many give off a wonderful scent that can fragrance your home beautifully.

If you feel like your home and garden need something to give it a final touch of elegance, style and perfect lighting, add candles. We’ve got a huge range in a variety of tealight holders, hurricane lamps and bamboo lanterns in all sizes and styles to suit your indoor or outdoor decorating needs. 

How to decorate your house with candles

Have fun decorating with candle holders and decorative lanterns by playing with placement, sizes, colours, styles and even the fragrances of the candles. Here are a few ideas of how to decorate your house by adding candle lanterns and holders. 

Use smaller tea light holders sprinkled across the table to create a romantic dinner atmosphere. Everyone loves some mood-setting candlelight!
Choose decorative lanterns in the same style as your room decor in place of floor or table lamps for a soft, warm light. Just be wary of children and pets. 
Pick a statement lantern to stand on a coffee or side table in place of art. Go big and bold so even when your candles aren’t lit, it’s a talking point. Alternatively, use a cluster of many different styles and sizes – like a gallery wall for decorative lamps.
Put an assortment of candle holders on the bathroom vanity and around the bath and fill them with scented candles to keep your bathroom smelling fresh – good ones will throw scent even when not lit. 
Put matching candle lanterns on each bedside table instead of lamps. Just remember to blow them out before sleep. 
Cluster a few different sized candle holders in a disused fireplace to give the impression of a roaring fire (safely). 
Place hurricane lanterns around the perimeter of your garden and on the outdoor table to create a sense of magic in the evenings. Consider filling them with citronella candles to keep the bugs away. 
Hang mismatched decorative lanterns from the ceiling for an exotic effect. 

How to hang candle lanterns from a ceiling if you're allowed to drill

Decide where you want your lantern to hang: preferably in a corner so you don’t walk into it but far enough away from the wall that it hangs freely. Remember that you’ll need to hang it low enough that the candle heat won’t damage the ceiling and you’ll be able to replace the candle. 

If your preferred spot has you drilling into drywall, you’ll need a spring toggle that flicks into place when it is inserted into the drilled hole. If using a spring toggle, check how much weight it will hold and how heavy your lantern is. If you're drilling into studs – you can use a stud finder to check – you’ll want a swag hook with a screw on the end that you can screw in securely. 

How to hang candle lanterns from a ceiling if you're not allowed to drill

If you're renting or you're not allowed to drill into your ceiling for any other reason, there are plenty of other ways to get beautiful hanging lanterns in your house.

Tension rods. These are good for nooks or niches, doorways, narrow corridors or anywhere you can get a tension rod up. They can carry a fair amount of weight, but hang multiple lanterns with caution.

Adhesive hooks. These easy-to-apply and easy-to-remove hooks like the 3M brand ones are the solution to hanging lighter candle lanterns. 

C-clamps. If you have open doorways, arches or exposed beams you can use a C-clamp to hang lanterns, just make sure they aren’t hanging somewhere that you’ll walk into them and tip candles over. 

Where to buy candle holders near me

Flower Power, of course! Our expert buyers have scoured the world to find beautiful candle holders and decorative lanterns to fit any indoor or outdoor space. Whether you want something elegant and stately for your living room, or durable and solid for the back garden or courtyard, or even something small and discreet for the bathroom, you’ll find it here. Explore the range online or come in-store to one of our 10 convenient Sydney locations and let us help you choose the perfect lanterns and candle holders for your home and garden. 

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