Artificial Plants

If you want the look of beautiful blooms and foliage in your home year-round, but don’t have the time or patience to care for them, our collection of quality, realistic artificial plants are the perfect solution. With fake indoor plants, plastic plants, silk flowers and dried flowers on offer, you can enjoy stunning pot plants and beautiful bouquets that are just as gorgeous as the real thing, without the care needs.

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Artificial plants: the easiest solution to indoor gardening

If you want the look of beautiful flowers and lush foliage in your home all year round, but you don’t have the patience or skills to care for them or can’t afford to splash out on real flower arrangements regularly, our collection of quality, realistic artificial plants are the perfect solution. 

Fake indoor plants have somewhat chequered reputations and no wonder – artificial plants of the past have been tacky looking, relegated to a dusty corner of a grandmother’s living room. 

Up until recently, we would always have recommended steering clear of faux foliage, but now, with high-quality fake indoor plants, plastic plants and silk flowers on offer in our stores, you can enjoy stunning pot plants and beautiful bouquets that are just as gorgeous as the real thing – without any of the hard work! 

Find something you love online or visit us in-store to see just how realistic the next generation of artificial plants and flowers can be for yourself. 

Are fake plants bad for the environment?

Not exactly, no. If we’re being honest, they are still made of plastic, which we should be trying to use less of in our lives. However, most florists and grocery stores sell cut fresh flowers wrapped in cellophane, which is a non-recyclable, single use plastic that you’ll throw in the bin as soon as you get the flowers into a vase. 

Buying fake flowers and keeping them for years and years means you aren’t cutting or buying fresh flowers weekly – which could save you kilometres of cellophane over the lifetime of your artificial flowers. 

In addition, if you have a preference for flowers that are out of season, or don’t grow in your area, getting them fresh will require a large travel carbon footprint. Plastic flowers only have to travel once to get to you and will be used for years. 

So, if you’ve been wondering are fake plants bad for the environment, don’t worry! Your disposable coffee cup is much worse – and not nearly as pretty.

How to pot fake plants

Great news – our wonderful selection of artificial plants come already “potted” in attractive pots, so your new plants are ready to be displayed in your home! And since your fake plants won’t grow, you never need to worry about repotting them. 

Alternatively, we also stock a huge range of different beautiful bouquets of flowers that can be popped into your favourite vase for instant style that will last and last. If you really like the feeling of fresh flowers, keep two different bouquets in rotation and change them weekly, to replicate the feeling of new blooms every week.  

Or, why not try your hand at flower arranging? Buy a few single stems of flowers and foliage you love and create your own perfect arrangement in your favourite vase. Mix an assortment of pretty blooms with lush greenery for a feeling of abundance, or create a minimalist effect with just a few slender stems.

How to clean artificial flowers and plants

Good quality artificial flowers will last for years, but over time, they will get dusty – making them look dated and a little like Great Aunt Norma’s sitting room. Luckily, it’s easy enough to clean your fake flowers and give them a new lease on life. 

Take your artificial flowers and plastic plants outside, so you don’t just redistribute the dust in your home. 

Brush the petals, leaves and stems gently with a clean make up brush or soft bristled toothbrush to get as much dust off as you can. You can also blow your flowers with a hairdryer on a low, cool setting to shift the dust out of hard to reach places. Don’t use the hot setting – you can melt glue holding petals together. 

Fill a large bowl with warm water, add a drop or two of dish washing liquid and mix together. Fill another bowl with clean, cool water. Swish the flowers gently around in the soapy water a few times, then through the clean water to rinse. If you’re doing a lot of flowers, you may need to refresh the clean water halfway through. 

Lay the flowers on a clean towel in a sunny spot to dry.

Where to get good fake plants

Flower Power is your one stop shop for fake indoor plants and flowers. We’ve got a huge range spanning everything from single stems of flowers to large fake trees, and everything in between. 

Explore the full range of silk and plastic plants and flowers online, or visit us in-store at one of our 10 convenient Sydney locations and let our helpful staff assist you in choosing the perfect fake plants for you. 

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