Garden Care

Garden Care

Want a break from garden maintenance?

Garden Care Services

Garden Makeovers

Let our expert garden designers turn a drab, dreary space into your very own Garden of Eden. We’ll banish the scraggly, overgrown bits and bring your garden back to life with lush, vibrant colour and irresistible fragrance.

Turfing, Mowing & Edging

For the best-looking lawn in town, call on us. We use the best quality soils and turf, tailored to your location and needs. We’ll also keep it mowed regularly and edged to perfection, for a yard that’s both pretty and practical.


Want a set-and-forget watering solution? We offer water-conscious irrigation systems that deliver water directly to your new lawn or garden beds. Whatever your needs, we can supply, install and maintain a system to suit.

Pruning & Hedging

Need some privacy, but want something a little more high-end than just a fence? Let us plant a hedge, or trim your existing one. Our artistic vision and practical know-how mean we can help you achieve your dream hedge.

Garden Maintenance

A maintained garden is a beautiful garden – and once it’s built, we can keep it looking its best, too. Regular maintenance involves key jobs like fertilising, mulching and trimming - plus anything else you’d like us to do.

Pest & Disease Control

Garden and lawn overrun by creepy crawlies? Finding holes or spots on all your leaves? Call in the professionals. We’ll take care of your garden’s pest and disease problems and nurse your sick plants or lawn back to health.

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