Four out of five Flower Power plants are lovingly grown at our very own growing nursery, less than an hour from the heart of Sydney – which means we’re always able to offer great quality. Whether you’re looking for the best indoor plants, natives, herbs or palms, make Flower Power your first stop – because with Sydney’s biggest range of indoor plants and outdoor plants, at Flower Power, we really are the garden people. Shop your favourite plants online from our wide selection.

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The best place to buy plants online in Sydney

If you are looking for the plants, pots, homewares, garden furniture and accessories to design your perfect garden, look no further! Flower Power’s 10 garden centres stock Sydney’s widest range of everything you need to make your home and garden beautiful. 

Whether you want a whole garden makeover, a few seasonal touches or just a bit of greenery to brighten up your apartment, you’ll find it at Flower Power – after all, we are the home and garden people.

Four out of five plants sold at Flower Power have been carefully grown at our very own nursery in Sydney, so we can ensure consistent quality and great value for money. For any of your plant needs, we should always be your first stop. Shop our range of plants online or come in-store and see them for yourself.


What are the best indoor plants?

Many people living in Sydney don’t have the luxury of a garden, but thankfully, even the smallest of spaces can enjoy all the benefits of indoor green life. If you don’t have an outdoor space of your own, we stock easy-to-grow greenery that will thrive indoors, perfect for brightening up living spaces and bringing nature to you. 

We have a great range of the best indoor plants for houses and apartments, including:

  • Indoor flowering plants 
  • Tropical indoor plants
  • Popular fiddle leaf figs
  • Hardy ficus
  • Trailing vines 
  • Succulents
  • Edible herbs

Indoor plants not only add instant style to your home and workspace, they also act as a natural filter for airborne toxins. Indoor plants have also been scientifically (and anecdotally) proven to relieve stress, help you focus and promote feelings of zen. Is there anything they cannot do? (Yes, the vacuuming. Sorry.) 

Plus, there is no feeling more rewarding than picking your own fresh herbs from your kitchen to season your food or share with your friends. A sunny windowsill is more than enough to create a tiny herb garden and these are some of the best indoor plants for your kitchen.

If you are not sure what are the best indoor plants for your space and situation, just ask our friendly expert horticulturalists!


What are the best outdoor plants?

If you are lucky enough to have a space for outdoor plants in Sydney, try your hand at growing:

  • Edible plants - consider a little citrus tree, or a row of herbs
  • Flowers - these brighten up a garden or pathway in an instant
  • Hedges and edges - create borders and give yourself privacy 
  • Shrubs - these hardy little plants are perfect in the ground or pots
  • Trees - if you give these enough time, you’ll have something impressive to show for it

We have all these plants available at our Flower Power garden centres in Sydney, so come and visit us to shop and get expert advice from our friendly staff.

There are few things more rewarding in life than to grow your own fruit, vegetables and herbs. An edible garden gives you freshly-picked organic food at your fingertips, and with everything from sweet potatoes to strawberries, you can create your perfect kitchen garden here. You don’t need as much space as you think you do, so get started today.

Flowering plants in your garden can lure bees, add colour and let you create a beautiful bouquet at home. Our huge assortment of flowers for any season or reason make perfect outdoor plants.

Turn a bare garden or house wall into a beautiful feature piece, give yourself privacy from the neighbours, or create a green fence or border with our variety of screening, edging and hedging plants, perfect for any practical outdoor need.


Hardy plants for pots outdoors

Shrubs are hardy plants that will thrive in pots outdoors, so you can move them around as you please or take them with you when you relocate. We have a huge variety at Flower Power, with shrubs that flower, change with the seasons or create statement shapes and colours. These hardy plants for pots outdoors are a gardening must-have for large or small spaces outdoors, and some will also flourish indoors. 

At Flower Power we have also curated the biggest range of plant pots in Sydney for you to house your new hardy plants for pots outdoors or indoors. We have plant and flower pots in a huge variety of sizes, shapes, colours, textures and materials. Whether you want something subtle to let the plant shine or a statement piece to add interest to a space, we have the perfect piece for you.


How to choose the right plants for you

You can easily find your perfect plants online, or come in-store and our onsite horticulturalists will help you with advice and suggestions for choosing the best outdoor plants and indoor plants. And with delivery available on most products within the Sydney area, it couldn’t be more convenient.

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