Blueberry Burst
Vaccinium spp - Blueberry
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Blueberry Burst is an Australian bred dwarf blueberry variety. It features large fruit, high yields, early season flowering and fruiting. The blueberries can be eaten straight from the bush, frozen, used in cakes and muffins or made into jam. It's best if it's planted in a pot where soil pH can be more easily controlled and good drainage achieved. Protect the plant from harsh western afternoon sun so that it may thrive.

Size — 140mm
Growth Width — 75cm
Growth Height — 1m
Frost Tolerant
Flower Colour — White
Fruiting Period — Spring, Summer, Winter
Light Requirements — Full sun
Soil Requirements — Well drained soil
More Information
Planting Advice

Likes acidic soil. Blueberries require a pH of 5 - 5.5 - most Camellia/Azalea potting mixes are within this range. Apply mulch after planting to conserve water and reduce weeds.

Watering needs

Avoid watering plants over the foliage as this will promote leaf diseases. Ensure good drainage and keep watered in dry, hot weather but do not over water.