Mr Fothergill's Mint Seed Mat
Menthaspicata - Mint
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Grow your own fresh and fragrant mint at home, and enjoy full flavoured feasts every day. These seeds produce a delicious herb and tiny purple flowers that can be easily grown in pots, containers or as a decoration for garden edges. This common culinary mint has a long lasting, pleasant aroma when crushed and is a great addition to salads, fruit salads and sauces. Plant it in well cultivated soil to benefit from a bountiful garden. To make things easier, seeds are carefully spaced in biodegradable paper to allow even spacing and to eliminate the need for thinning.

Contains: 3 x 8cm round mats

Soil Requirements — Well drained soil
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Planting Advice

Growing in a Mr Fothergill’s Kitchen Seed Sprouter:
Spread about 1 tablespoon of seeds in one or more of the four clear plastic trays. Stack the clear trays on top of the bottom tray. Pour enough water into the top tray to cover the outlet. This will commence the siphoning action and water will drain down through each of the trays and outlets. When finished draining, empty any excess water from the bottom tray. The water that stays in the clear trays is enough to provide the necessary humidity for successful seed germination. Water in this way at least 2-3 times each day.

Growing in a jar:
Place about 1 tablespoon of seeds in a large jar or similar container. Cover the opening of the container with a fine clean cloth and secure with a rubber band.
Add enough warm water to completely cover seeds and soak overnight at room temperature. Next day, pour off excess water through the mesh cloth. Add fresh water to
thoroughly rinse and drain. Rinse and drain sprouts at least twice

Watering needs

Water well until your plant is established and the keep soil moist.