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Osmocote® Plus Organics Roses, Gardenias & Azaleas Plant Food & Soil Improver
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A plant food and soil improver designed for roses, gardenias, azaleas and other plants loving an acid soil which combines the best of both worlds. Osmocote® Plus Organics nurtures plant growth both above and below the ground and by creating a balanced and sustainable growing environment, plants are healthier, stronger and less susceptible to insect attacks and diseases, season after season.

  • Blends a full complement of quality organic fertilisers and soil conditioners with regular Osmocote
  • Feeds continuously for 6 months
  • Specially formulated for plants that love an acid soil (pH under 7)
  • Organic matter rejuvenates the soil and encourages beneficial microbial and earthworm activity that improves soil structure