Wire Plant Baskets

Feeling a bit creative? Thanks to our range of wire baskets, paired with our great choice of hanging plants and trailing plants, it’s easy to get hands-on and design your very own beautiful hanging baskets. Creating a colourful display in a wire hanging basket is heaps of fun, totally rewarding and a fab way to add a pop of colour and life to even the tiniest of spaces – inside or out.

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The best wire basket range in Sydney at Flower Power

If space is at a premium but you’re keen to get a few more plants into your life (who isn’t!?), look to one of our hanging baskets, perfect for balconies, verandahs or covered outdoor areas.

The coconut fibre lining and black wire basket works with a huge range of plants from our nursery including hanging and trailing plants, hardy succulents or bright and colourful cottage plants.

So what are you waiting for? Come into Flower Power and pick up a metal basket and your favourite plant today!

What to put in wire baskets

First you’ll need to choose a liner. Most of our wire baskets come with liners, but you can always replace them if you prefer a different look or if it gets damaged. Coconut husk liners are the recommended choice for a metal basket, but you can also use moss.

But what to put in wire baskets in terms of plants? The classic look, and one of our favourites, is brightly coloured blooms, such as petunias – which is likely what you picture when you think of flowers in wire baskets. These annuals bloom all through summer and come in a range of colours.

In the cooler months, you can get a similar effect by replanting your wire basket with petunias, violas, cinerarias, primula and polyanthus, which all produce pretty and colourful flowers. 

Soft herbs also grow well in hanging baskets, so you could abandon flowers in favour of a tiny edible garden with basil, parsley and coriander. If you have a large, sunny window, consider planting a row of hanging baskets with herbs, fruit and vegetables. Cherry tomatoes are a good option or try strawberries, and let the fruit dangle enticingly over the edge. 

Delicate ferns look wonderful in hanging baskets too; look to maidenhair ferns, Boston ferns, fishbone ferns and asparagus ferns. Just make sure to hang them in shade and keep their baskets moist.

How to plant succulents in a wire basket

Succulents are a great option for wire baskets, since they need so little water that there’s no issue with leaking through the liners. For the best effect, choose a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours. Make sure you use a specialty succulent and cacti potting mix and let the mix and lining completely dry out before watering again.

How to plant succulents in a wire basket is a delicate balancing act. Plant taller upright succulents and strappy grasses in the centre, and add smaller ones around the sides, making sure to add a few hanging and trailing succulents such as a string of bananas, a chain of pearls, or sedum to drape over the side. 

How to hang wire basket on wall or ceiling

At Flower Power our black wire basket range includes two styles: true hanging baskets with elegant chains and a hook at the top to secure, or a wall mount, with a flat side and a space to hook it on. 

So how to hang a wire basket on a wall? It’s easy, you’ll just need to nail or drill in a hook (or use an extra-strong adhesive one if you’re renting) at the correct height. You can also get large suction cups with hooks on them if you want to place your black wire basket on a window. 

To hang a wire basket from the ceiling, you’ll need to install a swag hook in the ceiling. If your preferred spot has you drilling into drywall, you’ll also need a spring toggle set that clips into place when it is inserted into the drilled hole. If using a spring toggle, check how much weight it will hold and how heavy your plant is. If you're drilling into studs, you’ll want a swag hook with a screw on the end that you can screw in securely. 

If you're renting or you're not allowed to drill into your ceiling for any other reason, here are some options for hanging your metal basket planters:

  • Tension rods. These are good for nooks or niches such as between a wall of your home and a fence.
  • C-clamps. If you have open doorways, arches or exposed beams you can use a C-clamp to hang plants, just make sure they are hung high enough that you don’t walk into them.
  • Hang from strong tree branches or overhead trellises. Just always be wary of the height of your plant in relation to walkways and people’s heads!

Explore our black wire basket range, along with liners and all the plants you could possibly want online, or visit us in-store for advice on what to put in wire baskets.

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