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World Kitchen - The Americas - Chilli Jalapeno
Chilli Jalapeno
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A very popular chilli pepper that is a member of the capsicum family with a medium sized, glossy green fruit that turns red when ripe. It's widely consumed in Mexican cooking, is medium-hot on the palette and can be used fresh, dried, or raw when cooked. Great for salsas, nachos, tacos, burritos and pizzas. Usually harvested when green but it can be left to mature and turn red.

Caution: Can irritate skin and eyes.

Contains average 50 seeds.

Soil Requirements — Well drained soil
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Planting Advice

Sow in seed trays or in fertile well-drained garden soil or pots. Sow 5mm (¼”) deep, cover with fine soil and keep moist. Pick regularly to encourage further fruit growth. Harvest as required 12 to 14 weeks after sowing.

Watering needs

Keep soil moist.