Spring is a great time to give the house a thorough clean, but don’t stop there. It’s also an ideal time to spring clean the garden. There’s lots that can be done to refresh your garden and outdoor surfaces as well as getting your garden tools in tip-top condition. Here's an easy-to-follow outdoor spring cleaning checklist with our top tips.


Flower Power's outdoor spring cleaning checklist

Treat your tools

At the start of spring, as the grass begins to grow, give the lawn mower a service. Change the blades and filter and check the fuel. Old fuel left in the tank can make the mower hard to start. Also give the mower the once-over, looking for spiders and wasp nests (especially in the exhaust). Clean and sharpen secateurs and hedge shear blades, too - they’ll be getting a workout over the months ahead! Check out Flower Power’s range of power tools if a new electric trimmer, whipper snipper, mower or other tool is needed.


Tidy up the garden beds

Spring offers the perfect opportunity to get your garden beds looking great. Not sure how to clean out a garden? Start by removing emerging weeds. Also trim away frost damaged growth and prune stems that have finished flowering, or deadhead spent annuals. Spot-treat any signs of pests and diseases. Finish the spruce-up by renewing mulches throughout the garden for a real face lift.

Deadheading plants and renewing mulches are great tasks to do right now.


Watering and irrigation systems

If you have an irrigation system, check it’s all in good order before it’s needed when the hot, dry weather returns (and it will return one day!). Turn it on to look for splits, blocked heads or missing fixtures - if pieces need replacing, most can be sourced at Flower Power. Also check garden hoses for splits and repair if needed (hose repair joiners, plugs and kits are available).


Create a lush lawn

It wouldn't be a spring cleaning checklist without a lawn job or two! Hand-weed or spot-treat weeds in lawns. Weeds appearing now include flat weeds such as thistle, dandelion, capeweed and plantain. Clover may also be around but will tend to dieback as conditions warm. Bindiis should have been treated in winter before flowering to avoid seeds forming. If they are still growing, carefully remove plants before they form their prickly seeds. Follow up by giving the entire lawn a good feed to encourage strong growth as the weather warms. A fast-greening formula will make the lawn lush and green or apply a control release lawn food for steady growth right through spring. Also, spend time getting the edges trimmed – use the lawn trimmer, whipper snipper or a sharp spade.

Hand-weeding and feeding are two simple tasks you can perform now for a lush lawn all through spring.


Decks and paving

After winter, decks and paving can be black with algae or mould, especially those in wet or shaded areas. Use a pressure washer to clean hard surfaces. Wooden surfaces can be re-oiled or painted for a total refresh. Hose-on products such as Wet & Forget Moss & Mould Remover are an easy way to clean moss and mould from concrete and bricks. The treatment is slow-acting but doesn’t need to be washed off. Apply following the instructions on the container.


Building exteriors

Don’t forget your windows! Cleaning windows will make the house and garden sparkle. Window Witch is a hose-on product that can be used to reach upper-level windows and leave them clean and shiny. Use a stiff broom or a high-pressure cleaner to remove cobwebs and dirt from under the eaves and on painted surfaces.

Clean pavers, windows and walls make a massive difference to the overall look and feel of your garden.


Outdoor entertaining

As well as cleaning outdoor entertaining areas (such as decks and patios), clean outdoor tables and chairs and give the barbecue a once-over (check that the gas bottle is full as well). If you need to update furnishings or even replace the barbecue, Flower Power Garden Centres have plenty in stock to suit every price range. New outdoor cushions can also give a fresh spring look to outdoor furnishing.


Fresh spring flower colour

Finish up the garden spring clean with a splash of bright fresh colour from spring- and summer-flowering annuals, such as petunias and marigolds. Pop some in a pot (Flower Power have plenty of great outdoor pots!) or plant them into a sunny part of the garden.

Petunias and marigolds are popular choices for spring gardens.


Don’t want to DIY?

Call in Flower Power Garden Services to cross off some tasks on your outdoor spring cleaning checklist. Our expert Garden Care franchisees and garden service contractors offer a range of services from basic maintenance to complete garden overhauls, including landscape construction, paver cleaning and sealing, timber decking and more.

Not so keen on doing it yourself? Let us help to get your garden looking great!