There's nothing quite like the gorgeous, fresh, home-filling smell of a cut Christmas tree. If you've decided to go fresh over faux this year, we've got some tips on how to keep your tree looking great through the entire Christmas period.


Why choose a cut Christmas tree?

One of the main reasons to choose a cut Christmas tree for your home is the scent - it truly adds to the Christmas feel in your home. In addition, many people love the fact that a cut Christmas tree is organic matter - once Christmas is over, you can compost it, add it to your local council pick-up pile (check your own local council for any restrictions) or chop it up and add it to your green waste bin, if you have one. As it's not plastic it will break down beautifully, and even better, you don't need to find somewhere in your home to store it for the rest of the year!



Caring for cut Christmas trees

Here are our top three tips to keep your cut Christmas tree fresh for the twelve days of Christmas and beyond.

  1. Christmas trees, once cut, start to exude a sap or resin from their trunk which will eventually seal it off and prevent water penetrating. As soon as you get your tree home, cut a couple of centimetres off the base of the trunk before popping it in some water. Do this again every 5-7 days to help with water absorption.
  2. An all-over spray with Yates Waterwise DroughtShield will help to seal your tree with a flexible polymer coating, preventing water transpiration by up to 50% and keeping your tree happy for longer.
  3. Keep your tree's trunk in water at all times, just as you would with a floral arrangement. Cut Christmas trees are thirsty and use a lot of water, so top up regularly to keep yours from drying out.
  4. Position your tree in a cool spot away from draughts or heat sources to keep it in tip-top condition.


Where to buy cut Christmas trees in Sydney

Have we convinced you to swap out the plastic tree for a real one this year? If you're looking for somewhere in Sydney to purchase yours, you'll find them at selected Flower Power Garden Centres for a limited time during December, alongside Christmas tree stands which you can fill with water to keep your tree fresh.