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hedging plants

  1. Happy medium hedging plants

    Happy medium hedging plants
    Looking for a hedge that's not too small and not too high, but just right? Here's a list of popular plants that are perfectly suited to create hedges about one metre high. Perfect plants for a one metre high hedge Buxus microphylla japonica If you're wanting your new hedge to fill in fast Buxus microphylla japonica is a great option...
  2. Yuletide

    Yultide is an early flowering camellia with small, bright red single flowers with prominent, golden yellow stamens. These unique and colourful flowers are produced from winter through to spring in abundance. The Yultide camellia grows small, bright green foliage in a dense, upright bush to height of approximately 3 metres making it ideal for screening, hedging, large containers and espaliers...
  3. Protea Gypsy Red

    Protea Gypsy Red
    A medium dense shrub with gorgeous dark red foliage in autumn and winter. Well suited to low maintenance, low water use gardens. Drought tolerant and suitable for heavy soils. Great for hedging and screening. Grows to 2m high x 2m wide. Protea Care Plant in well-drained soil. Water well to establish and refer to label for your plant’s specific requirements. Do not fertilise in the...
  4. Gardenia Care in Spring

    Gardenia Care in Spring
    A heady fragrance, massed cream flowers from spring to autumn and glossy green leaves make a highly desirable combination for gardens, hedges or pots.

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